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If you believe the government is ruled by a select group of Elite, which phrase best describes that?

"However, Domhoff adds that the social upper class as a whole does not rule the nation. Instead, members of this class who have assumed leadership roles within the corporate community or the nation’s policy-planning network join with high-level employees of profit-making and nonprofit institutions controlled by the social upper class to exercise power. So although technically America is ruled by Elite, the fact that they are endorsed and approved by the the majority through their involvement in corporations and LARGE corcorporations run by rich and who rely on them to function cohesively"

Which phrase would best describe this form of power? I'm all the way stuck.

legitimate power

legitimate authority

rational-legal authority

resources of power, specifically, party

Thanks for any help!

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    The guys who choose the government are called "The Selectorate."

    Even dictators have a group of supporters that they have to keep happy.

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