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Why is the traditional media the direct propaganda wing of the democrat party?


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    Firstly, to substantiate your claim, I offer these facts:

    (note: liberals just stopped reading this answer -- they can't deal with the word "fact")

    -12/08 Zogby poll on which is the most trusted news source: FoxNews 39%, CNN 16%, MSNBC 15%. The most trusted news personalities: Rush Limbaugh 13%; Bill O’Reilly 10%; Chris Mathews 2%. Web news is the most trusted, more than TV and print news combined.

    -9/09 Pew poll, 1985 to 2009, on how public perceives media bias: 60 percent say the press is politically biased; 50 percent say it’s liberal; 22 percent say it’s conservative; 27 percent gave no answer.

    -6/15/10: Rasmussen poll on who the media supported in ’08 election: 51% said Obama; 7% said McCain.

    -1/10 Public Policy Poll, a Democratic leaning pollster, found that Fox News was trusted by more people than ABC News, CBS News, CNN, and NBC news.

    -1/27/10 Guardian, UK, on Nielson poll, wrote: "Fox most trusted news channel in U. S.”: Fox News 49%, CNN 39%, ABC 31%, CBS 32%, NBC 35%.

    -11/4/10 Washington Post: “Fox News Channel towered over its cable news rivals on election night, attracting more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined.”

    Here, there, and everywhere, lurk the liberal drones:

    -10/22/06 London Evening Standard: BBC CEO Grade caught on tape recording admitting that BBC is far Left, guilty of promoting Left-wing, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim views; promotes multiculturalism; gives no moral weight to America or rural folks; BBC Diversity Chief wants veiled female reporters.

    -6/17/07 Daily Telegraph: The BBC has failed to promote proper debate on major political issues because of the inherent liberal culture of its staff, a report commissioned by the corporation has concluded. Says BBC director general Mark Thompson: "In the BBC I joined 30 years ago, there was, in much of current affairs, in terms of people's personal politics, which were quite vocal, a massive bias to the left."


    Socialism is a religion. One cannot reason with religious zealots.

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    Are you serious? The mainstream media is corporate owned. Owned by the same corporations that produce guns, tanks, bombs and other military hardware. They are sponsored by the same corporations that poison your food, air and water. The mainstream media is not the propaganda wing of any party, they are the propaganda wing of corporations, and most politicians are bought and sold by corporations (Republicans more than Democrats, but both parties are guilty). Turn off the TV and go to independent media sources. Read on the right and the left and you'll find the truth somewhere in the middle.

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    Conservatives think what you 'do' is far more important than what you 'say'.

    For Liberals its a much closer call. Many think style trumps substance.

    To want a career in media you must generally believe words matter more & this is a Liberal mindset.

    Hence as a rule Media will favor Liberals.

    The Mainstream Media is not a 'wing' of the Democrat party, just like minded people inclined to promote Liberalism.

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    Most are 'educated' in places like the Columbia School of Journalism, which is a bastion of liberal indoctrination. If you don't toe the liberal line and swear allegiance to the democrap/socialist/communist viewpoint, you won't graduate. If you don't graduate, you can't climb the journalism ladder. So only those deemed acceptable ever have a chance.

    That's why the loser libs hate the Internet, talk radio, and FOX news so much. It put major cracks in their monopoly. Propaganda only succeeds when there is no alternative.

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    Media is Media and they all use it. You are using it right now to spread the Repub. agenda. You are probably getting paid.

    Republ. want to privatize everything.

    Intelligent Americans could not want a corporate take over of government services. Government is a great responsibility for people because the subjects are people. If we are to profile a corporation and assess their talent which they will apply to govern people then we will see that it is impossible for a corporation. A person has pathos and a conscience that are invisible guide of behavior that encourages a person to do what is right for people.

    @i see stupid..: no, they are all capitalist Repub. mo' money, mo' money!!! Profit first people never.

    If we examine the purpose of why does a company exists: the first that comes to mind is share holders. They hire a person to bring about the desire objective. The objective is usually MONEY. This person they hire is hired on the basis of how much money can he/she brings into the company.

    If we profile a company we will find out that such company is a sociopath that has no regard for human suffering, is not interested in the safety of others, lies or hides harmful facts for profit, and it is incapable of feeling guilt.

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    Because for decades they understood the power of propaganda better,and made an effort to fill the ranks of the media with good leftist sycophants.They have been using the media to spread the caustic disease known as liberalism ever since.


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    Of 5 political stories on NPR today 5 are critical of Democrats. Got a more main stream station than that?

    CBS news all stories are critical of the President. http://www.cbsnews.com/8300-503544_162-503544.html

    You really just base it on if they ever give credit to the Democrats for anything they are Left wing don't you.

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    Yes. The decision to suddenly dump Hillary and elect Obama was a co-operative one.

    Was something about to come out about her?

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    I don't get it either ? I don't think those people in the media know the truth- they avoid the truth, they ignore the truth. They kissed Obama buttt so much- they are too arrogant now to turn their backs on him- because it makes them look bad- so they continue to destroy the world with Obama.....as long as they deny they made that mistake , the more damage to themselves and us they cause!

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    Why does this seem like a rhetorical question? Why does it seem like you've become a typical Yahoo! troll who asks straw-man "questions" predicated on assertions of unsubstantiated facts and arbitrarily inserting the word "why" at the beginning in order to maintain a pretense that you have asked a question?

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