who wants to play the Fun baby Name Game?

Please add pics if you can also add middle names

1. you and your husband are happily married for 6 years now you try to have a kid but you cant so you decide to adopt you get a little girl from England she has brown hair and she is tan not like really tan her name is Brittany Maia and she is 7 months do you keep her name or do you change it? if you change it whats her new name?

2. now your first child is 1 you decide to have a kid so you take a pill (i don't know what its called sorry) that helps you have a kid you hope to have one kid but instead you get quads (4) there all girls whats there names?

Also if you do pics and this one feel free to do diff pics

3. your first daughter is now 2 and your Quads are 1 you really want a baby boy so you adopt before your kids can remember and pick on him you adopt him from England and he looks like Britt his name is Leon Lucas do you keep his name? if you don't whats his name now?

4. now your oldest is 4 your quads are 3 and your son is 2 you want another baby before your kids all grow up you try and this time it works you get triplets all boys whats there names?

5. now you have 9 kids so you move what does your new house look like?

6. you've always wanted to have an even amount of kids so you try again and you get twins girls whats there names?

7. you don't want any more kids so you stop please star me lol its #7 you have to lol no im just kidding but will you please

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