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Will high speed rail benefit or hurt California?

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    As built, it's going to hurt California, because of Halliburton Effect. It's being designed exclusively to shovel massive amount of money to construction contractors. Rather than giving the most trains for our money to the taxpayers. They're not even hiring people who know how to build railroads - the railroads themselves. It's a government pork boondoggle,

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    Right now, there is no railroad at all between Bakersfield and L.A. Right now, Amtrak passengers (a lot of them!) transfer to buses (a lot of them). The first real money is earmarked for an elevated railway across flatland, right next to a freight RR which will not be elevated along with it. This first segment will have more elevated structure than the entire French TGV system!

    Obviously, the right answer is to build it in a thrifty and progressive way, and close the Bakersfield-L.A. gap first, so the Amtrak trains could start using it right away while the rest of the system gets sorted out. That's how the French did it, they built out the system in increments, and high speed trains used normal tracks wherever the system wasn't built out yet. For instance they use existing rails to get into downtown terminals.

    People will be VERY upset about this boondoggle, and it will set the project back 20 years.

    Eventually, yes, California will be richly served by the high speed system. How could we not? By then, gas will be $30/gallon.

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    Rail is efficient in all kinds of ways. It's also WAY MUCH MORE pleasant than traveling on commercial flights these days, what with the TSSA and Department of Fatherland Sicherheit and how uncomfortable plane seats are.

    Unfortunately, politicians and their sponsors seem more amenable to subsidizing highways and airports than passenger rail, let alone removing all subsidies so people would know just how expensive things really are.

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    High speed rail in California is will not hurt California because it is cheaper to build then expanding freeways and runways. Passenger rail is cleaner and more reliable then air travel and trains are cleaner then cars(depending on the power source and the number of passengers).

    Here's an example of your future life if you lived in LA and you worked in San Diego everyday at 8:00am.

    Your fight leaves at 6:30am. What time should you arrive to get that flight? Two hours early?

    Your train leaves at 5:00am. What time should you arrive to catch that train? Five minutes?

    Are you willing to drive for three hours to get to work or pay for the gas.

    I would choose the train because I have more personal time in the morning. I can sleep longer.

    When the weather is bad, flights get canceled and cars and trains slow down.

    Source(s): California High Speed Rail Authority, Personal Experience, and Opinions.
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    it will benefit, each time gasoline goes up a nickel it will help more.

    Takes up less land than bigger and bigger freeways, far more energy efficient and cleaner than any other type of transportation, fewer deaths per passenger mile.

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    I dunno but they've been talking about it since I was in jr high, and I went to school with Jesus.

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