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Chris Jericho = Paul Rudd + Jack Black?

I was going to bother explaining myself but screw it.

I'm gonna get answers from jackoffs who wont understand what i'm tryna say and respond with "What are you talking about!? Jericho is like way dif and better than both of those guys combined!"

I'm just gonna ask this question because Yahoo Answers comes up alot in google.

And i know that when i have a strange and sporadic realization i google it to see if i'm alone & crazy.

People who find this in google will be pleased to know that..

Yes, Chris Jericho does remind someone else of jack black and/or paul rudd.

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    He does. Chris even walks like Jack Black and probably has the singing voice as well because of him being in a rock group called "Fozzy". He's like 70 % Jack Black and 30% Paul Rudd.

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  • 4 years ago

    Thank you lol, always thought I was the only one

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