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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 9 years ago

I am 14. I am trying to get my mom to get me to the doctor?

Who I become on my period:

~Tension an anxiety

I often will stress out a problem I have and make get anxiety from it.

~Depressed mood

I get depressed ou of random a lot of the time. And sometimes when I get upset even over small things I get depressed, isolate myself etc.

ex. When I was on my last period I had a phone call from my dad. I haven't seen him in over six years and I was extremity happy. But as soon as the call ended I was crying like a mother had lost her child. for the rest of my period I was depressed over that. but the day my period stopped was the day I was my normal self.

~Crying spells

example shown above.

ex. I would cry for no reason even if I was feeling another emotion like anger or happiness.

~Mood swings and irritability or anger

My mood would change in the drop of a hat. I would be the happiest girl in the world and then in the next second the life is pulled out of me and I am having suicidal thoughts. I will start fighting people and I dust lose it.

~Appetite changes and food cravings

I will eat more amd more and will crave strange tastes.

~Trouble falling asleep

I will stay up b/c of my mood. and/or if something is on my mind.

~Social withdrawal

I will lock myself in a room for hours and even days at a time. Mostly for mood. I get depressed, or want to harm people so I shut off the world and try to calm down. I often can't until my period ends.

~Poor concentration

Ever so true. My grades on tests and quizzes etc. drop when I am on it.

I have had my period on a regular basis for ten months. My period lasts around 8-9 days at a time. Some months I will have two or three periods. In those months I either have a period in the first full week and the last full week of the mont. In between is either another period or spotting of the month. Every period is heavy and I get dizzy, lightheaded, confused etc. I have cramps and sometimes I wonder if it is possible to get the wind knocked out of you from such cramps. I ask this b/c I have them when I have extreme cramps and I have to lie down for a couple of minutes to breath again. I would feel a little pain where my diaphragm is located. I completely soak a single constantlyin a 1/2 hour to 2-3 hours. I consantly have to pea all the tihuge alwayachesve direah and I'll get hudge head achs.

Bipolar runs in my family and my uncle and mom have it. I am oconvince this on my period. If I can't convence her to take me to the doctor what do I do? She is my only parent and I really have no one to turn to. She is most sertantly not convencing. She is off her medication so I don't think she sees everything like someone who isn't bipolar. I now know she is and I am trying to look out for my but she is making it harder on me. But she loves me and I know she dosen't mean it to. I have come up with a few ideas I am not going to take action untill I feel that it is the best thing to to and have put a lot of thought into it. I would like to hear some ideas on what to do and on what it is. If anyone can relate I would apreciate it as an answer!

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  • 9 years ago
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    You sooo have PMDD my little sister had it look up PMDD. On google and read the symptoms

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  • 9 years ago

    If i were you i'd book it myself and tell her when the appt. is, if she still is putting it off i'd go by myself if i were you! Find a ride with anyone or ask her to drop u off at a nearby place and walk there! I'd suggest looking into birth control, that will help with all of those symptoms! Except maybe the insomnia and irritability before bed, you can take mild over-the counter sleeping meds for that.

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  • 9 years ago

    All of these symptoms are normal for your period because of hormone change, except yours are a little much. go on birth control

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