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What is an apogee scope?

Its for math homework. I know what an apogee is but don't know what an apogee scope is and can't find information on them anywhere. I have a few guesses on what it could be but I'm not sure.


Oh, and I need to know what it is used for.

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    apogee is the point at which a body is at its furthest orbit from the Earth so I assume your looking for a telescope for viewing the moon and stars and also an apogee scope is a brand name of telescopes spotting scopes and binoculars

    so the definitions go as

    1. The point in the orbit of the moon or of an artificial satellite most distant from the center of the earth.

    2. The point in an orbit most distant from the body being orbited.

    # The farthest or highest point; the apex: "The golden age of American sail, which began with the fast clipper ships in 1848, reached its apogee in the Gold Rush years

    and French apogée, from New Latin apologia, from Greek apogaion, from neuter of apogaios, far from the earth : apo-, apo- + gaia, ear

    hope that helps


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    It is the point in the orbit of an object (as a satellite) orbiting the earth that is at the greatest distance from the center of the earth; also : the point farthest from a planet or a satellite (as the moon) reached by an object orbiting it.

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