Is it Worth watching Megamind (2010)?

Give me a paragraph or reasons why I should watch Megamind and what's the advantages if I watch it. It should be persuasive. I want you to persuade me to watch the movie. This is our assignment in school (about persuasive paragraphs). Thanks!! :D

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    Megamind is worth watching because its funny, excellent humor by Will Ferrell, Tiny Fey and Jonah Hill, they were excellent and teaches us a moral that Super Villains can change. Also, has great fun action sequences and David Cross plays an awesome villain sidekick who teaches Megamind lessons and morals to him. It teaches us that people can change by saying you don't have to be a bad guy just because people treated you like an outcast/villain, only you can make your fate/path to a favorable path of righteous and things you desire. You don't have to be a villian, you have a choice to change and be a hero. Also, your actions can make you what you are, you can be that person you wanted by making right choices.

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    You're just going to copy the paragraph I write you and use it as your own. It's easy. Write it yourself. Why should the average person watch the movie Megamind? What makes the movie good or likable? Simple assignment.

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    Megamind was an excellent movie, despite being a cartoon.

    It had great humor, and often a good comedy is hard to find, today. Jonah Hill is hilarious throughout the movie. But the moral of the movie is even more powerful,

    Someone who appears losts, and who was given so many bad breaks, when given the opprotunity can be great.

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