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i need to know everything i can for a science competition in three days and i'm bound to fail. help!!!?

my enrichment teacher made me join a competition called science olympiad and i just got assigned my events yesterday which were astronomy and fossils so i have no idea what to do and i did really bad last year too so i don't wanna make my school look bad again but there are really hard questions. i would have prepared more if i had the chance but the teacher never got back to me. i have to know the genus fossils belong in just by looking at pictures and for astronomy i have to know about reading diagrams of binary eclipses. i tried bing help but the stuff was too hard to understand. if someone knows anything about these topics your help would be extremely appreciated!!!

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    "I'm bound to fail"

    First things first. You have a mass of jello in your head which has almost random connections between teeny tiny little things called neurons. Since you are apparently able to think, you need to get a hold on this mass of jello, otherwise its random currents will control you. Do the words anxiety, fear, embarrassment, shame, depression, and sadness mean anything to you? They are caused by mental states. You can not learn and your intelligence plummets when you are suffering from any of them. So, it would be stupid NOT to do everything you reasonably can to AVOID those emotional states.

    Number one most important thing you can do (you can control) is talking (or thinking) trash about yourself.

    Stop it. Now. You will do a good job given the time you have to prepare. ANything else is to give in to the dark side. No, I'm serious.

    Eclipsing binary. Wikipedia it and read all those articles. I'm sure there are more on the web. You just have to get a little bit here and a little bit there. Without some (self) confidence you are doomed to be a looser.

    Fossils. Research genus. I know you have got it wrong. genus is way too low a category for anybody but someone with years of ADULT experience to be very good at. So, you need to go back and understand what is actually required. Either you mean phylum or kingdom or the genus is limited to a set of a dozen or 2. You just misunderstand this. I'm betting there are tens of thousands or millions of genuses...No way Jose.

    Remember it is attitude that will help you live your life. Good luck!

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