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Is Gustav Schafer a daddy?

please. i need to know. on the tokio hotel sites, there are rumours that say he is, but pure people have been saying that it's all a rumour. I dont know what to believe. Because you can never tell with Gustav because he never says anything. I just wish he would! He's a lovely man. x


link to the picture or it didnt happen!

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    which tokio hotel sites are you talking about? i wouldn't trust anything unless it was from an officially endorsed fan club. i would say that almost certainly the rumours are false; no official news or press releases have come out and you simply can't trust anything else. there are always crazy rumours going around, and photos are all too easily faked. gustav is supposedly single at the moment as well; the only one in a relationship is georg.

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    Gusti-Bear isi`nt a dad! actually none of the Tokio Hotel members are dads. He is a good guy, but not a dad.

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    yes it IS true!

    he has a child!

    There was a pic my friend showed me

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