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Good, new korean dramas?

HII,what are some new korean dramas, or dramas like dream high?? I loved that drama, it was really good. (10 pt best answer) thank you :)

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    Some new Korean Dramas:

    -- Still Airing >

    *49 Days : The concept is great! A girl has an accident and is in a coma meets super hot grim reaper (scheduler if you ask him) and has to collect 3 pure tears from people who love her (and are not related) in order to go back to her body... It's apparently easier said than done! [ only on ep 4 ]

    *Crime Squad : Cop drama ... It's worth watching if you have the time and are bored :P [ on ep 8]

    -- ended recently >

    * My Princess > This was a good one full of oh so cute moments between the leads... a bit draggy at parts but still very very good!

    *Secret Garden > What can't I say about this drama!! I mean it was addicting as all hell, with a super quirky male lead that at first you hated and then you LOVED to hate (and by hate I mean love LOL) Full of moments that were like awww.. and then tons of moments where you wanted to kick the living crap out of him.. and her!! lol Just watch this!

    * Marry Me Mary (or Mary stayed up all night) > I've mixed feelings about this drama. Sure it was full of super pretty male faces but It kinda left me wanting more. I would still watch anything with Jang Geun Suk just because I think he's a great actor as well as a cutie.. but I dunno.. I wanted more from this. You might enjoy it for than I, give it a try.

    other dramas that ended recently but I haven't watched:

    * Paradise Ranch >> This one has TVXQ's Max as the lead

    * It's ok Daddy's girl >> I dunno the title turned me off.. lol but it was pretty popular so maybe good??

    If you loved Dream High then try:

    * My girlfriend is a Gumiho >> why? well just because it's a great drama! full of all the things that made dream high great: humor, romance and a bit of sadness.

    * Coffee Prince >> if you haven't already please do! It's a 2007 drama so by all standards it's old but it's got a great ensemble cast and I think that was one of the great pros for dream high. the cast worked well together and you were interested in all the different little story lines, not just the main one.

    * Goong >> Because teenage love rocks!

    * God of Study >> This drama was great... after you skipped all the study tips lol ... It got a little preachy on the studying sometimes but I really liked the cast and story for each of the guys.. This is really dream high without the singing, and with a very big public service announcement thrown in lol I liked it a lot

    This is all I can think of for New or related to Dream High

    enjoy watching!

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    4 years ago

    i am a filipino however i do agree that koreans produce greater dramas. Even there are not any kissing scenes, korean dramas are strangely well and romantic at the same time Teleseryes have the identical plot and casts time and again (and that i do not consider the chemistry among each leads. The trailer and advertisements approximately a detailed sequence explains the whole thing and that i do not fully grasp why they need to exhibit that. There's no factor of looking it anymore! The suspense is not there... It's like their most important target is not to provide a well movie however the longest (the longest is probably the most victorious: that is their motto I bet) Sure Philippines have excellent actors/actresses however is not it the plot that actions the tale? And the tale is soooooo sooooo sooooo PREDICTABLE (sooner or later, the villain turns into a psycho or a kidnapping occasion will arise) (One of the leads might be compelled to be with an extra man or woman since of a risk and so forth.). Oh and that i additionally hate how industry conferences are portrayed in teleseryes. All they speak approximately are "shares" "rankings" "stocks" "shareholders" "industry companions" and so forth. It's like the administrators understand not anything approximately the area (even clinical tactics! They do it improper) Watch Pinocchio and I pay attention your Voice (korean drama) and notice how practical their portrayal of jobs are. What are you able to examine to "My Love from the superstar"? Forevermore? LOL! It's now not even well i do not fully grasp why it is overestimated. Maybe since we have now not anything to observe instead of that? Psh. Sorry for the rant however I need to state the reality. Just an opinion! :)

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  • 9 years ago

    One that finished back in like November is called "Giant" but that's a long drama, and it's not too focused on cliche romances, but more like business industry and stuff, but it was good.

    If you like romances and such, "Secret Garden" was veryyy good. The plot was well thought of and overall, the story was very witty and amusing.

    "My Princess" also ended couple weeks ago, and I personally thought it was too repetetive and such and the story line wasn't that great, but it's very cliche, and I know a lot of people liked that one.

    Older ones that you might like would be "Pasta" which is basically a cooking drama and "King of Baking: Kim Tak Goo" Which is about baking and such. They both have romance in it, but also a lot of visually appealing food dishes, which was a plus for me.

    "Personal Taste" was decent too, once again, that cliche type of storyline. It has a lot of humor as well, and in that drama specifically, the concept of "coming out of the closet" type thing was really showed a lot (so people being homosexual)

    If you like the high school stuff like "Dream High" (which was epicccc btw), "God of Study" was also a good one. I think this drama was mainly created to motivate kids in high school as well as teach parents ways to support their kids, but otherwise, it was well written out.

    A current one is called "Royal Family" which is about a lady who wants to get revenge on her in-laws because her mother-in-law is evil and does not accept her and makes her life miserable. I don't watch it, but my mom does, and she said it's good.

    Another good one, which ended a little while ago is called "Sign" and this is a drama about forensics and such, and it's a very "whodunnit" type drama. Quite a bit of science-y stuff involved. If you're interested in anatomy and forensics and such, this is really good. Has suspense and drama and all that stuff.

    "Jungle Fish 2" was a short one, only 8 episodes, but it takes place in a high school setting, and it follows the death of a girl, and her friends try to figure out why she died, and it's quite good as well. Addresses the fact that adults can do whatever they want and control kids, haha.

    "Athena" and "Fugitive Plan B" is also recommendable if you like action dramas, I personally watched only a bit of them and I didn't like it. I thought the acting was bad, and such. Fugitive Plan B has Rain as the main character and Daniel Henney acts in it as well. If you want to watch for the sake of eye candy, then that's the drama for you lmao.

    A really old one is called "Illjime" and this takes place in like the olden day Korea type thing, and it's a Korean version of Robbin Hood. There's a guy, who's identity no one knows (although he just wears a mask that only covers his nose and mouth, so I don't see why it's so hard to guess his identity) and he steals from the rich. I don't remember if he gives to the poor though. But anyways, he lives a simple life, and the government people try to catch him, and a bunch of drama happens, and stuff. It's really good though. Main character is sexy, a plus :)

    "Will it Snow for Christmas" was good as well, typical love story, with a twist; the two people in love, their family had some beef between them, so Romeo and Julliet style. The ending was messed though, I didn't like it. The drama starts off with the main characters as kids when they first met, and the main guy character, the kid version, is Kim Soo Hyun, which is the guy who played Sam Dong in Dream High :)

    Hmm, I think that's around the gist of it. Take your pick :)

    Source(s): I'm Korean and I watch a bunch of dramas
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I liked Personal Taste and Cinderella's Sisters. I also heard Secret Garden was amazing but never seen it yet. Can't wait for Dream High Season 2!!

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  • 7 years ago

    best is MY GIRL. Best korean drama ever.

    Secret garden second best for me.

    Rest of the drams actually sucks. Formula drams with bad acting. Lee min ho , SHK sucks. They look good thats about it. Can not act.

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  • 9 years ago

    Does that mean you like school romances?

    Here's some OLD ones:

    Boys Over Flowers

    Playful Kiss

    My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

    Source(s): I WATCHED 'EM!
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  • 9 years ago

    the newest ones are:

    secret garden(i heard it was really good.cant wait to watch it!!!)

    폭풍의연인(im sorry..idk the english title..the beginning is too mary-tsuey but as the story progresses, it's really nice)

    all my love is for you(a sitcom)

    highkick through the sky(this is the first of the series)

    highkick through the roof(second of the series.both are super good)

    great queen sunduk

    내조의 여왕(srry...dont know the english title again)

    역전의 여왕(this one, i know the's queen of the rival, i think, not too sure.super fun)

    personal taste

    hmm...boys over flowers?it's a little old...maybe 2 years ago?

    those are some things that i can think of from the top of my head.

    Source(s): me!
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  • 9 years ago

    Secret Garden , Coffee Prince , Oh! My Lady

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you should definitely watch Secret Garden! It's AWESOME!

    Source(s): I watched!
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