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OKAY, So my grandfather was born in the US but HIS parents were born in England. - I know that he can get a citizenship. Lets say he gets that citizenship. Does that mean that he can pass that to his daughter (MY mother) and my mother can pass it to me?


If I wanted to become a citizen HOW CAN I?

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    No, citizenship only descends once from parents born in the UK, your grandfather has a claim to citizenship but your mother doesn't and neither do you

    edit: you would need to move to the UK & live there legally for several years before becoming eligible to apply for the British equivalent of permanent residence, then a year later to become eligible for British citizenship - it is however quite difficult for non-EU citizens to obtain work visas to the UK

    Hoekem's solution wouldn't work here, even if one of your parents was eligible for Irish citizenship through a grandparent born on the island of Ireland, you still wouldn't be eligible for Irish citizenship

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    Any chance that any of your other three grandparents were born in Ireland? Ireland, unlike Britain, recognizes citizenship through to Grandparents. That's how I got my Irish citizenship, through an Irish nan. An Irish citizen can work in any EU country.

    Italian citizenship works the same way. If you had a grandparent born in Italy, you could apply for citizenship and work elsewhere in the EU.

    Most other European countries only pass citizenship through to children, not grand children.

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    No. British citizenship may descend to one generation born abroad.

    Your grandpa most likely qualifies, but the rest of your family do not. :-)

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    Your grandfather can get citizenship in the way in which you are referring to, but it does not run in the family, like royalty does for Queen Elizabeth's descendants. You need to file the necessary papers if you want UK citizenship.

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  • 1 decade ago

    easy answer. sorry you do not qualify for British Citizenship. one generation rule.

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