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Copyright: Making a reference to a book/film in another novel?

Say, for example, that two of my characters are watching a movie (eg Twilight), and the description is as follows: a film about a girl who falls in love with a vampire and all these complications ensue.

Does this raise copyright issues, or is it just when you mention the actual names of movies and books?

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    As long as you keep it vague it's fine. The only reason it might be an issue is if you portray the film very negatively, and then whoever owns the rights to the film might complain if your novel becomes popular.

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    It relies upon what you recommend by potential of references. in case you choose a character to reference a quickly nutrition chain or a clothing style then no, you do no longer could pay copyright expenses. yet once you choose your character to cite music lyrics or something of that nature then sure, you may could pay expenses.

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