When to call HR after getting specific instructions from them?

I had a phone screening interview at a private school about an hour from me, the HR lady seemed to really like me and asked me to come in next week for a formal interview. I said, yes and she said she would contact me by Wednesday with the details (day, time, etc). It's Thursday and have not heard anything yet. Should I follow up? I feel like it would be asking someone if you could come over to their house for the afternoon.

My other scenario: I'm looking to relocate and have applied to schools out-of state. At the most recent job fair (last Thursday) I was told to contact the one recruiter. I sent him a handwritten thank you card but I feel if I call him now it would be a bit much. Once again, like inviting yourself over to a friends house.

What to do....?


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  • 10 years ago
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    Job interviewing and hanging out with a friend are not the same thing. If you sit back and wait for it to happen you will be unemployed a long time.

    Scenario 1 - if she told she was going to call you, she probably will.

    - If you don't hear from her by tomorrow afternoon, give her a call "Hi, this is Erin X. We spoke last week about the ABC position. I am looking forward to meeting with you and was hoping we could schedule the onsite interview we spoke about".

    Scenario 2 - call her, she told you to!

    - In the future, I wouldn't send a handwritten thank you note after meeting someone at a job fair. For this kind of quick contact, you should follow up with an email -- It was a pleasure meeting with you, I'm interested in the position. I look forward to talking wiht you again.

    - A handwritten thank you note is a way to followup after a formal interveiw.

    Source(s): HR professional.
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