What to write next? Please, HELP!!!?

His sad face reflected in the window. But who could blame him, it was pouring down outside. The meeting will end soon, and then he will have to walk outside in this weather.

A loud cough from an older man, in his sixties.

''Jonathan, you will have to take over your old mans business, I assume'' said the elder.

''That's right! My little boy is not so little anymore, stepping into his dads footsteps'' his over proud dad said.

Though Jonathan was only 15.

Some minutes of silence.

''Then it's all said and done, I would not hold you bothered any more for today. Glad to make business with you again Mr. Millar'' said the elder.

The atmosphere got a bit awkward.

''Yes! Me too. Always a pleasure with you, Jones.'' said his dad.

And then his dad followed Mr. Jones to the door.

''Now it's just you and me kiddo.''

''I guess so, dad...''

It reminded him of being 8 years old and looking up to his old pal. But that changed quickly, as he grew up.

''Weren't you supposed to leave? And go over to that party, with your so called friends.''

''Oh yes. I forgot!''

'' I will see you at 11:30 PM, right?''

He nodded and took the umbrella and almost forgot the grey hat. The suit didn't look that party-ish but more `I have a business meeting, to attend`.

In the middle of the old creepy forest, you could hear screams.

''Chloe, Hurry up!"

"I'm on my way, relax."

They both gasped after air.

"It was so scary!"

A little teardrop fell down, on her blushed cheek. They ran out till the edge of the forest, turned left at the school. Now they were safe, and the rain stopped.

Did you see it?"

"Of course I did."

"Do you think it's still after us?"

"No way."

"Yeah, you are probably right. I mean we did ran a lot, didn't we!?"


She still looked scared. They looked a bit at each other, while thinking about anything else than what just happen.

"From this day, you have to promise me that you will never mention, what we saw in that forest. Okay?"


"Because the others will just think we are crazy, just like Almon and Terry."

She nodded quickly and took a deep breath.

At the same time, in north Lodon. Shane and Ray was skating in the parc, beside a small lake.

"Hey man, that boardslide was smooth.''

"It was ... Okay."

"Wanna see my kickflip?"

"Yeah, alright!"

Ray rides the skateboard on to the big ramp and does a slightly bad kickflip. He went back to Shane.

"How was it, bro?"

"It was a bit sketchy."

They said sketchy about tricks that needed to be worked on.

School didn't interest them that much, it was more a place you crashed early in the morning, to be with your friends. Those two have been best friends since they were three years old, and both shared the passion about skating. Together they were skater geeks, not that they looked anything like geeks. Shane was better looking than Ray, but both wore at all times NY caps, skinny or baggy jeans, snickers and hoodies. Ray had short dark blonde hair (the same hair style as Leonardo Dicaprio had as young) and brown eyes. Shane had brown ''Ashton Kutcher kind of hair'' and green eyes.

A snobby upper class looking boy walked by them, he laughed at Ray. It must have been because when he landed on the board, he almost fell off.

"Stop laughing, you little prick! I know that you couldn't have done it better.''

"Hey, Shane. Relax, relax!"

"No. I'm so tired of skating in north London, having all these snobby people giggling at us. I bet they can't even stand on a board, without having their head smashed into the ground."

"Yeah, I know, man. But you shouldn't yell at him."

"Why is that!?"

"Don't you know? His father is a billionaire, he owns half of London, plus our school. He could get you kicked out from it. Rumor says that he is going to take his fathers place, so at only fifteen, he owns almost half of London."

"Woaw! But he's still a prick."

It was getting late, they packed their skateboards into the backpacks that lay on the bench.

''So, should we crash at your place?"

"Yeah, man. I'm tired!"

THANKS for reading my short story! Any ideas for what to write next?

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    10 years ago
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    you should introduce a conflict another option why he wouldnt be able to take over his fathers business, and he would be stuck making a decision between his father and something else.

    Or possibly he discovers some strange secret that surrounds his father after his father dies from mysterious circumstances.

  • 10 years ago

    Before you continue. Fix up your writing. It's kinda sloppy. The trandsitions made no since to me. I assume it's in the Thriller genre? Well. Fix it up. Make it more understandable and enjoyable.

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