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    IE8 actually contains a great Ad blocking feature built-in, it's called "InPrivate Filtering". The InPrivate Filter (enabled by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F) is intended to block content that may potentially share your information; thankfully advertisements are one such example of said content.

    the InPrivate Filter is 'smart' in the sense that it can and will (if enabled) automatically detect content which appears with a high frequency on websites that you visit. In this regard, the Filter learns as you use the web and can detect what is an advertisement or of similar content, and take action accordingly. By entering the 'Manage Addons' window, you can select how many websites a piece of content must show up on before it is flagged, at which point you can then determine whether you want to block or allow such content.

    Given the functionality of the InPrivate Filter, it seems that all that is required is a "Subscription List" containing the locations of advertisements for the filter to function as other Adblock applications. This is similar to a "Block List" in Adblock Pro and equivalent software. With such a list, it should be possible to simply block certain locations outright without relying on IE to learn from your browsing habits.

    With regards to a subscription list that will block advertisements outright without having to 'learn' your browsing habits,

    while in the process of searching for such. I stumbled across this link where someone has compiled an XML file of the blocked URL's from Adblock Plus. : http://bit.ly/47gPrQ

    In order to Import these URL's into the InPrivate Filter, you must enter your "Manage Addons" window, accessible via Tools > Manage Addons. Click the InPrivate Filtering button, followed by Import and then locate the XML file.

    The result should be IE8 blocking content from said providers outright, without the need to learn via your browsing habits. Doing so has blocked about 99% of the advertisements I see while browsing with IE8.

    IE8 InPrivate filter from adblock plus list : http://bit.ly/47gPrQ

    Then add the registry dword I found in Neowin:-

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Safety \ PrivacIE

    DWORD "StartMode" value 1 (hex).

    then starting Internet Explorer (even without InPrivate browsing mode) the InPrivate Filtering will be automatically started without having to be enabled every time the browser is started.

    or you could just use firefox with Adblock plus.


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    I use the ad-block plus addon for firefox, they also make a version for chrome. It's free and it handles a lot of the ads that are out there. It's not perfect, but none are. You can easily right click on ads that do make it through and block them from showing from that point on. There are public lists you choose after install, and it blocks items in those lists.

    popular sites like youtube stay updated, as when i see people on here asking "aren't you tired of youtube ads?" it doesn't really register in my head, because I don't think i've ever seen a youtube ad. That's not entirely true, i've been at a friend's place and he didn't have adp installed, I shook my head, wondering how long he was going to stay in the 90's

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    Hey there,

    You can find a free download of AdBlock here http://bitly.com/1p6oxlP

    AdBlock is the solution to avoid pop-ups while you are using internet.

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      Malwarebytes block this page.

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    get firefox or google chrome and install the add on ad block plus, I guarantee you will never see another ad again.

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    ad block+

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    A long list you can find it here:


    -- Enjoy it!

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    that s what I am trying to find out?

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