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Why is Gemma Arterton not in Clash Of The Titans 2?

Its a bummer bcz i was excited just because gemma arterton was suposedly returning!

Is it Official that she is not returning or they are saying maybe?

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  • Chris
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    9 years ago
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    I agree it is a bummer that Gemma is not returning for the second film

    she was the best thing about the first one.

    It is also confusing as in November last year Gemma and the director

    Jonathan Liebesman said She would be in the next film.

    It is believed that the reason Gemma cannot return is that she is committed to

    Hansel and Gretal witch hunters a comedy film due out next year.

    It is not 100% sure she wont have some part in it but when the official

    plot was revealed on Tuesday Gemma's character Io was not mentioned

    and it clearly stated that Perseus was the sole parent of his son.

    It is very disappointing though because Io being resurrected at the end of

    Clash of the Titans made me believe she would be returning for the next one.

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  • 4 years ago

    I liked her in Clash of the Titans more. She was fine as the spunky princess in Prince of Persia, but I prefer her more angelic nature in the other film.

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