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my cars electrical system quits while I am going down the road if you jump it, it will start again?

there is no warning when it is going to do this

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    check your belt tensioner, check your charging system, & check alternator. Its hard to know what the problem is without knowing what the car is.

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    it sounds like the alternator is in the process of going bad. the reason why it dies is because the alternator gives need power for the distributor to distribute power to the spark plugs. when you jump the car starts on the connected battery and the little bit of a charge that the battery gets ends up being used to power the spark plugs and eventually you lose power and it dies so my opinion is to get another alternator 75 to 100 bucks install it yourself or pay an extra 100 at a shop or i can do it if your in the bay area of california

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  • Paul
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    Weak Battery (Older and ready to Die), Bad Alternator (Have it "Load Tested"), Bad Fusible Link at Alternator +Bad Battery Cables.

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