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RaP lyrics im twelve check thiz nd comment pce?

Ok im 12 if ur hatin then idc but if u diggin check itand comment!!!

Its only first verse i havent finished song!

"Ohh yeahh let us here the world"-Eminem

I got so much rhymes,for god sakes i just **** a thesauraus.

All i do is rap i dont need a f****** chorus.

U mummble and chirp wen u rap u sound like Horus.

So come up here and spit let me see ur offense.

I can tell wen ur comin at me  i got a sharp six sense.

When i rap i make a milli u earn 25 cents.

Im the venomish slippery toxins like radiation.

Ill rip the liquids out of u and call u dehydration.

Im number 1 ur -5 we call that correlation.

Im not asian im red,white,blue patriated.

In a few days ull be in a cop car incarrcirated.

I keep goin its like mah brain duplicated.

Im flyin by u in tha listings im highly accelerated......…………......……


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    DAmn kid for a twelve year old you tear it up. Keep working on this someday we might all be listening to you instead of lil wayne (still much love to weezy but) keep it going good luck!

    ps haters will be haters but remember none of them can ever be like you. you got your own talent!


  • 10 years ago

    perhaps you should focus on something more realistic for your future. if you actually DO choose this as your career, you should work on your spelling and grammar.

  • 10 years ago

    Your well good!! can you rap as well as writing lyrics?

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