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Compare Holden Caulfeild to a historical figure and a present day famous person.?

I have an English project to do on Catcher in the Rye and we have to explain how one character in the book is similar to a historical figure, a famous person from present day and another novel's character, I NEED HELP. Its due in less than a week so please answer asap :)

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    I'd compare him to Huck Finn - a bit rebellious and isolated; family issues

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    sure, I dont comprehend in case you may call me "suitable" yet right this is my connection: my mothers cousin's (additionally my cousin's) step-grandfather replaced into samuel morse! I continuously theory that replaced right into a cool connection! desire I helped ya out! xoxo ;) additionally, my grandfathers realtives, i think of his super-grandfparents, have been very in call for artists in Europe and made many in call for paintings, which comprise portray pictures for the king and queen of england at there wedding ceremony (there have been no cameras). His call replaced into Agostino Masucci. you may look him up on the link under... :)

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