does the post office return mail to the sender if the correct postage isn't on the letter?

I sent a letter regular priority mail and it hasn't gotten to its destination yet. I sent it Friday March 18th. I sent it out with one of those envelops the post office has with a 44 cent stamp already on it. The envelop only contains a single letter and the address I sent to is correct so what are the possibilities that it could of gotten lost or I didn't add enough postage and if that is the case will the post office return it to the sender?

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  • 9 years ago
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    First, to answer your question.

    If a letter has postage, but not enough postage, the PO will deliver it as postage due to the address.

    If the addressee refuses to pay the postage due then the letter will be returned to the return address.

    If no postage is on letter, it is returned to sender for postage.

    If there is no return address and postage is due, the letter is warehoused for a short time. ( I believe 3 months ). It is then opened to determine where it should be returned to. If a check is inside the envelope, a copy is made and the check is destroyed before returning to sender.

    One thing that many people are not aware of is that almost all Government agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service will not pay postage due. Also most banks and businesses do not pay.

    As far as your first class letter, it should have been delivered by now, if mailed in the US and addressed to a delivery point in the US. If letter is being sent outside the US, you should be getting it returned to you because 44 cents is not enough postage.

  • 3 years ago

    None of those. The submit workplace will bypass away a card on the recipients handle saying an merchandise of mail is being held on the sorting workplace. The recipient will ought to bypass to the sorting workplace, pay the postage shortfall and a handling fee in the event that they choose the object. If the recipient refuses it particularly is going to likely be decrease back to sender.

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    A 44-cent stamp is first class, not priority. If you were mailing it within the United States, it ordinarily would have gotten there by now. Was it going a long distance?

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