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Cool baseball team names?

Any cool names for my baseball team? Nothing like the mets or Yankees or anything like that, but something cool.

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    If there are any puns that go with your city's name, try to figure it out. Some good generic names (ie, go well with whatever goes before it):

    Any profession that has nothing to do with sports (the Poets, Fighting Nuns, Tobacconists, Old-Time Liberals, Neo-Conservatives)

    An inanimate object (Hot Dogs, Nimrods, Diamonds, Stumps)

    Royalty (Sultans, Kings, Royals, Shahs, Emirs, Dukes)

    Animals- best if you avoid cliches. Good ones include: Banana Slugs, Koalas, Narwhals, Hellbenders (a huge salamander native to the US which looks cool and sounds cooler)

    Terms for people that really don't have to do with sports (Stooges, Siblings, Step-Sons, Toddlers, Criminals, Delinquents, Muleskinners, Footballers [GREAT if not a football team, for example], Octogenarians)

    Food (Beets, Pinnies, Sandwiches, Fighting Artichokes)

    Something that 'almost' sounds obscene (Father Muckers, Masticaters, Butte Pirates [actual team], Black Cocks [actual name of NZ badminton team])

    Colors- best if obscure (Puces, Malachites)

    And of course, there's nothing wrong with just opening a dictionary at random and picking the first word that shows up.

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    Flying Pigs

  • 10 years ago

    the Chupacabras

  • 6 years ago


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