Am I the only one who prefers 3rd-Person-Shooters to 1st-Person-Shooters?

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  • 9 years ago
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    No you're not. I'm an old-schooler, an arcade rat....I grew up on the shoot-em-up.

    And yes, where you get to see your ship and/or character, which is what the perspective is. ^_^

    First-person shooter games are just.....they turn me off some 99 percent of the time. Seriously. It seems to be too much about running around with the gun/wang hanging out, trying not to get shredded by the enemies you _don't see_, while trying to remember where every _last_ obscure command is since they're either scattered all over a keyboard, keypad and mouse, or they're on a Sony Playstation style "d-pad" thing where you need four thumbs to use every last doodad at once.

    Really, what happened to making a game you could just jump right into, easily? What happened to making a game that didn't butcher you for not reading the whole phone book of instructions, and then the next chapter of the _walkthrough_?

    I hear you. I do. There's some of us out there--we've been die-hard gamers since Pong and now we've been left behind because we're not about the Doom thing. Or the Halo thing. Or the Left 4 Dead 2 thing. Or whatnot.

    But yeah, I feel your pain. Games are this _thing_ now, aren't they? They have to be these huge, complicated affairs that only an obsessive (or a physicist) would understand.

  • Snake
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    I like both, but I prefer FPS

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