I need middle names for Alessandra?? 10 points!?

My aunt is pregnant and she likes the middle name London

for Alessandra but I think some more suggestions would be


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Alessandra Olivia

    Alessandra Presley

    Alessandra Gabrielle

    Alessandra Brianne

    Alessandra Lucille

    Alessandra Natalie

    Alessandra Caroline

    Alessandra Rose

    Alessandra Eve

    Alessandra Katherine

    Alessandra Penelope

    Alessandra Celeste

    Alessandra Michelle

    Alessandra Madeline

    Alessandra Mikayla

    Alessandra Elizabeth

    Alessandra Shannon

    Alessandra Danielle

    Alessandra Madison

    Alessandra Evelyn

    Alessandra Nicole

    Alessandra Adeline

    Alessandra Rebecca

    Alessandra Claire

    Alessandra Meredith

    Alessandra Noelle

  • 9 years ago

    Alessandra Camille

    Alessandra Milan

    Alessandra Keelan

    Alessandra Laine

    Alessandra Paris

    Alessandra Noémi

    Alessandra Eliette

    Alessandra Ruby

    Alessandra Eden

    Alessandra Teagan

    Alessandra Payton

    Alessandra Naomi

    Alessandra Makenzie

    Alessandra Lucienne

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Alessandra Rose- Dior

    Alessandra Chanell

    Alessandra Noelle

    Alessandra Janae

    Alessandra Jasmine

    Alessandra Sierra

  • 9 years ago

    I know a girl called Alessandra Cartoni and I think thats very pretty!!

    Also nice girls names that might go with it ;

    Alessandra Vanessa,

    Alessandra Taylor,

    Alessandra Elodie,

    Alessandra Elizabeth,

    Alessandra Victoria

    Alessandra Naomi

    Alessandra Lysette

    Alessandra Layla

    I hope some of these helped!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    • Alessandra Rose. (Yes, a bit generic, but I think it sounds lovely.)

    • Alessandra Noelle.

    • Alessandra Lily.

    • Alessandra Olive.

    • Alessandra Vivienne.

    • Alessandra Claire.

    • Alessandra Elisabeth.

    • Alessandra Penelope.

    • Alessandra Sophie.

    • Alessandra Diane.

    Good Luck! Alessandra is SUCH a hard name to pair with! Alessandra London isn't alll that bad, if she's totally set on it!

  • ♥ Alessandra Verity.

    ♥ Alessandra Celine.

    ♥ Alessandra Claire.

    ♥ Alessandra Kate.

    ♥ Alessandra Lucy.

    ♥ Alessandra Genevieve.

    ♥ Alessandra Camille.

    ♥ Alessandra Ruby.

    ♥ Alessandra Violet.

    ♥ Alessandra Ivy.

    Congrats to you all :)

  • 9 years ago

    Alessandra Giovana (ji-O-van-A)

    Alessandra Gregoria (gre-gor-iA) like gregory but with an short "a" at the end

    hope you like them

    ciao XD

  • 3 years ago

    Alessandra and Alejandra are 2 distinctive names than Alexandra. effectively, Alexandra is the only call which would be reported "Alex-anne-dra" Alexandra Scarlet sounds the prettiest and flows the terrific. Annabel Alexandra is an outstanding call, too.

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