What are some good books I can read for the summer?

I want to expand my horizons on new books because I've gotten comfortable with the authors and the type of genre of books that I like to read. Please recommend your favorite authors or books that you thought were interesting. Thank you.

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    Try Nokosee: Rise of the New Seminole and its sequel Nokosee & Stormy (http://amzn.to/fqOoph). Both are written from a 17-year-old girl's POV. Lots of action, adventure and romance.

    Cherry by Mary Karr. A memoir about teens, sex, drugs and growing up in rural Texas as told through the gritty, beautiful prose of one of America's best writers having taught at Harvard and currently teaching as the Peck Professor of English Literature at Syracuse University. It's a book every teen girl should read. If the opening paragraph doesn't do it for you, nothing will (you can read it on the Amazon link below). I've also supplied you a link to her Harper Collins website where you can see the author describe her life in a revealing teaser for her new book "Lit."



    The Liar's Club by Mary Karr. Another moving memoir recounting her earlier years (you should probably read this one first and then Cherry).


    Last Summer by Evan Hunter (The Blackboard Jungle) is one of the great coming-of-age books about teen sex of all time. This 1968 book follows the random activities of four teens during a summer on Fire Island. Rhoda is shy and overweight and targeted for teasing by the others. As sexual tensions increase, the more experienced and dominant Sandy encourages Dan and Peter to rape Rhoda. Released in 1969 as an X-rated movie starring Richard Thomas and Barbara Hershey, it was later cut to an "R." Unfortunately, it is not available for home viewing.


    The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. A moving story inspired by true events about the suicides of five teenage sisters as told from the viewpoint (for the most part) of randy teenage boys who try to explain it all.


    I Never Promised You A Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg. A critically appraised and touching semi-autobiographical story of a 16-year-old girl battling schizophrenia in a mental hospital.


    She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. Begins with the life of a school girl with no friends and follows her through many wrong turns until she makes a right one and finds love. The book gives us one of the most memorable characters in literature: Dolores Price.


    Think of this as Greek mythology lite (less gods, more filling): The King Must Die by Mary Renault. Set in ancient Greece it follows Theseus on a journey of discovery while painting a vivid picture of the times. Loved the descriptions of young uninhibited Greeks running buck naked up hills and through forests and making love among the flowers. The scenes of naked teens jumping bulls with back flips cries out for a cinematic interpretation. Ms. Renault's written a series of historical novels set in this period and all of them are so worthy.


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    series: The Southern Vampire Mysteries - Charlaine Harris The Inheritance Cycle - Christopher Paolini Harry Potter - JK Rowling His dark components - Phillip Pullman The Stephenie Plum series - Janet Evonavich The Jessica Darling series - Megan McCafferty Uglies series - Scott Westerfield The Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice The Chronicles or Narnia - CS Lewis The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien The Lord of the rings - JRR Tolkien Novels: A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle It - Stephen King fortunate - Alice Sebold The Host - Stephenie Meyer The pc - Nicholas Sparks A walk to bear in innovations - Nicholas Sparks The Exorcist - William Blatty Les Miserables - Victor Hugo The Plucker - Brom

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    I recently got interested in memoirs. I wanted to get an idea how other people have lived their lives and have a better understanding on why some people may act a certain way. Some books that I have really enjoyed are:

    Girl Bomb by Janice Erlbaum

    Tweek by Nic Sheff

    Wasted by Marya Hornbacher

    90 Minutes In Heaven by Don Piper

    Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen

    The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven by Keven Malarky

    I'm With The Band by Pamela Des Barres

    My Booky Wook by Russell Brand

    I don't know if you're into this kind of reading but I enjoyed it.

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    If you want to read a really fun book by a big shot author - get "Shogun". It will take you on a tour of Medieval Japan - seen through the eyes of a European who crashes on their shore.

    Probably lots of used copies on Amazon - it was popular some years back. Check it out.

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    Twilight Saga

    Vampire Diaries

    Marley & Me

    Escape, Fiesta & Footloose by Kate Cann(holiday romances for teens)

    Answer mine?


  • By Becca Fitzpatrick:

    - Hush Hush

    - Crescendo

    - Silence

    [These are in a sequel]

    I don't remember what the genre is.

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    my favorite books are :

    the darkest powers series

    first test, page, squire, lady knight

    wicked ( wizard of oz)

    i am going to read cry of the icemark

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