How Should I Start This Story?

It's a romance.

It's about a girl called Eevee, who's 16. She is quite popular, but not part of the 'popular' cliche. She has a crush on a boy called Logan. He's quiet, smokes, and has White hair. She's wanted to talk to him for a long time, but never has an opportunity to.

I have ideas for later on, but jnot how to start, any ideas?

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    Well start it with the start of a new day. Like she went at school. Make her speak with some of her friends and describe a little her life. Like if she likes being popular or not. Then at some point make her see him and then she'll start thinking when was the first time she saw him and things like that.

    It's how I started my first book!

    Good luck :) I hope I helped even a little.

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    How bout starting with a scene from classroom? This would be a cool, Eevee keeps staring at Logan when suddenly the teacher calls and asks her bout what the lecture was about...then whether she fails to answer and get embarrassed and goes on like "the worst day of her life" (bad things keep happening. Or the bell rings at the moment and she gets relieved and stuff or how bout she gives some clever answer or funny and everyone laughs and stuff... Hope it helps!

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    Write the first scene, then chop it in half. Start the book in the middle of a scene. Generates more excitement and action.

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    in a dream:

    maybe a perfect, barbie world where she's got the perfect boyfriends, the fashion, the friends, the grades


    a nightmare

    or just Logan

    suddenly she wakes up to reality. could be in the classroom (daydreaming) or actually in her bedroom.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know how to start it but if she's 16 you might wanna think about evolving her pretty soon. Are you gonna choose vaporeon, flareon, or jolteon?

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