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JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES - Is a JW disfellowshipped for being critical of WTS for things he was unaware of before?

....for things he was unaware of prior to his baptism?

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    It is possible. It depends on how open and vocal you are about it. I was DFd for this exact reason. They called it apostasy. But really I was just disagreeing with : the blood doctrine, 1914 as a significant date, higher education, false prophecies that JWs have made. I began worshipping God as I knew him to be, and for this I was DFd. But before they DFd me they warned me to just keep quiet and they wouldn't DF me. So, you can be critical, just keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine.

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    The reason why Julius and Abernathy are confused (or beating around the bush) is because you didnt expand on what you mean by critical.

    I'm going to take a wild guess, and say that you don't mean critical as in " Meetings should be only 1 hour", or somethign like that. You don't get Df-ed for something like that, obviously.

    If you mean critical of any Watchtower beliefs or doctrines, then yes, you can and you likely will, if it becomes known. I just had a friend get disfellowshipped a few months for this reason. If you start talking about it to others, you will get disfellowshipped even faster, in a very swift way.

    Also it does not matter, whether you knew or not before you got baptized, that is irrelevant. Once you are baptized you must accept the "body of law" outlined by the organization.

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    As one poster put it, we will never be disfellowshipped for being critical.

    The attitude that would be lacking would be one of humility and repentance.

    We KNOW we serve alongside a group of imperfect men, regardless of whether they've been anointed by Jehovah's spirit or not. They WILL make mistakes. So what? "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    Jehovah's organization is and has always been a progressive organization. It doesn't stand on tired human philosophies. I've looked the world over and I've yet to see any other spiritual organization admit to their wrong as based on scripture and change their thinking. Baptists haven't done it, Catholics haven't done it, Buddhists haven't done it, Islam hasn't done it.

    And, as with any progressive organization, the changes will come, make no mistake. It's whether we decide to keep up or get left by the roadside due to our pride and arrogance that will determine our heart condition before Jesus and Jehovah.

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    You have to come to an accurate understanding of Jehovah and all that he stands for before you can get baptized, so it's doubtful that there would be anything you were unaware of. That said, we are always learning too and now and then we all question things. That is totally acceptable, and the fact that you are encouraged to do your own study and find things out for yourself shows that we are not brainwashed into just accepting anything that is spouted from a platform or a society.

    The thing too is, you will get answers from those who have either dissasociated themselves, been disfellowshipped or "know someone" who has, but these people have been put out or left due to an unrepentant/unspiritual nature. So when they answer you are only going to get their side or what they have been told by someone with a completely wrong attitude. Never the truth. I know, because I was disfellowshipped myself and felt so wronged and bitter and could only see things from my point of view, everybody else was so wrong!

    Fortunately I came to my senses and have been happy as a Jehovah's Witness again for the last 10 years.

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    Don't see how that could happen.

    JWs aren't disfellowshipped for being critical of the WTS.

    I know some JWs that are very critical of brothers in the hall, the Governing Body, the literature, etc. People don't just get disfellowshipped for being critical. That's a straw man argument set up by anti JWs.

    Being an apostate - a disfellowshipping offense - and being critical are two different things.

  • Mari, I am often critical of things I read from our society - but the difference is that I do not say out loud how I feel; I ask Jehovah or I keep reading (perhaps I have misunderstood something), or I figure that it is not going to ruin my relationship with Jehovah, and get on with my faith.

    So, the answer really is: HOW one goes about criticising our society.

    Oh and I also talk to sisters if something is really bothering me and they always come out with fantastic reasoning.

    Sometimes I feel that too much is being asked of imperfect us or unreasonable and not really in touch with "life" - but then I think that they are suggesting GUIDELINES to work with and I find myself then taking them up on their reasoning.

    I must say that NEVER do I criticise with what they say about scriptures. I just find it so logical that I nod my head in wonderment.

    One is only disfellowshipped if they go around shouting out their discord and putting dissension in the society.

    We are all individuals and have our own thoughts and funny because one of the subjects to be studied at the meeting tonight is how to reason with scripture and it mentioned that of course, we all have our own thoughts, but when talking about Jehovah, we talk with His Thoughts.

    Just a note on things that someone seems to be unaware of prior to their baptism. This is actually not possible - unless he/she keeps things hidden.

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    Your question reminded me of the testimony of Grace Gough. While she was studying with the Witnesses, there were two teachings of the Watchtower Society she didn't agree with. One was the teaching that Jesus didn't have a beard; the other was that Jesus came invisibly in 1914. She let her study conductor know that she didn't believe these things, and she refused to be baptized. A Circuit Servant came to visit her and told her not to worry if she didn't believe these things; God would put it right. All this time, she was working very hard going door to door as an unbaptised publisher.

    A year later, the Society changed their teaching and decided that Jesus DID, in fact, have a beard. She felt that God had put that teaching right, and that He would later put 1914 right as well. So she was baptized on November 13, 1965, although she still let the brothers know she didn't agree with 1914. She remained a Witness for over 20 years, until she was disfellowshipped for not believing in the 1914 doctrine.

    Also see Dale Beckman's testimony given in answer to this question:;_ylt=AoBTv...

    Source(s): Read a portion of Grace's testimony: Download Grace's testimony to mp3 or listen online:
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    A person can be removed from the congregation when they ----PRACTICE"=----- ( CONTINUALLY DO) things that are against God's laws.

    When a person commits a SERIOUS sin ., (not an "oops ! " weak mistake)

    and when such a person is not repentant of the serious sin - that person may be removed from the congregation.

    That is a loving act of God because in 1 Cor 6 : 9-11 it states that persons practicing those serious sins will not inherit the Kingdom.

    Hopefully such a person comes to his/her senses and stops doing those things.

    On the other hand the removing of a person from the congregation prevents that person to stumble others and keeps the congregation clean in God's eyes.

    People study for years and go through many questions before they get baptised to make sure they are aware of God's requirements .

    Ofcourse a person could hide details from their study conductor but not from Jehovah who sees all things.

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    What things are you unaware of prior to baptism?

    Do not even act like we are a closed off secretive organization. And that there are things that nobody know about us. Crap everything we publish is available to the public. We even go door to door handing them out. Not to mention the three websites, and the podcasts on Itunes.

    And baptism is not a walk in and get dunked kind of thing. It takes study, knowledge, and dedication.

    Seriously, walk into any Kingdom Hall, and ask to get baptized. See what happens.


    Source(s): Me, one of Jehovah's Witnesses
  • No.

    "Being critical of WTS" is not a disfellowshipping offense.

    Source(s): The HOLY Bible
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