Who is the most overrated rapper ever?

To me it has to be Eminem. I can stand him and think he was an above average rapper in his first five years but he is too hyped by the white community as well as the people who listen to his "underground" and think they know. I wouldn't put him in my top 40 rappers while a lot put him in the top 3.

Also Snoop Dogg is very overrated. DoggyStyle was a great album but the rest were mediocre at best. However a lot of his Dre collaborations were great.

50 Cent is just not good sorry...

Jay-Z has skill but in the words of Nas he "sold his soul for riches." I don't think he released anything noteworthy since about 2003.

Lil Wayne is just absolute ****, same with drake, gucci mane and wiz khalifa. I can't consider them rap.

DMX- His intensity is great but he doesn't really have anything else.

Let me here what you think. Who is the most overrated rapper ever?


I'm going to be real. I like Em. Always have but the fact is he is overrated. What I mean by above average is real good but not on the level of a Pac, Nas, Rakim or Cube. He is in the second tier as far as I am concerned. The reason why he is so overrated is because of the **** people are exposed to on a daily basis and that he is just so much better than any mainstream artist now in days. However he has gone the pop route sorry. If you don't think he has your delusional. It's okay though. Dre, Jay and Snoop have done the same. I realize its a business but I hate to see a rapper change his style for money. I'm a Nas fan and when he tried going mainstream for Nastradamus I hated it. However it wasn't him and he realized that. So he stuck to his style and that is why I respect him so much. And to the guy calling him overrated are you a dumbass? His storytelling, lyricism and word play are top notch. He released the best album of all time when he was 17 and he refuses to change New York s

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    In my opinion:

    Drake,Gucci Mane,Lil Wayne(BY LARGE ,the fact that dozens of air-heads calling him the Best Rapper Alive is enough proof),Birdman and other rappers of today.

    @Sam: Pac is not over-rated.The fact people calling him the best rapper ever,was because of his ability to make you feel his sh*t,sh*t that hit you straight in the heart.I agree,He sucked at freestyling,but after listening to all his albums,specifically,his first 5,He has substance(very concrete substance,even though people find him monotonic,I dont) and style.He had a song on everything,from songs like Brenda's Got A Baby and Dear Mama to Hail Mary.

    Okay,apart from the rapping part,if you ever read into his philosophies,at the age of 25,I strongly doubt any rapper was that experienced and intelligent,who had undergone,in Treach's own words ''Pac experienced 65 years of life,in just 25 years'',Damn right.

    There are many people who hate on 'Pac,especially here,but 9 at a 10 times,they are just regulars on riding the bandwagon.

    Eminem is over-rated,NOW.I like all his songs before Encore,and his best albums were Infinite,The Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers LP.If he had continued like this for the rest of his career,he would have garnered more respect than Jay-Z.

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    Let's see I agree about Eminem. Feel the same way about Snoop Dogg but I think everyone else does too, 50 Cent was good listen to Heat off of Get Rich or Die Tryin' and tell me he isn't, Jay-Z I agree too but i **** heavy with his early ****, Drake is garbage lyrically, Lil Wayne has a few good songs off of mixtapes before Tha Carter III, but Gucci Mane and Wiz are tight but i don't really like Wiz's mainstream songs like Black and Yellow and No Sleep. DMX's intensity is his greatest attribute but he still is tight especially for getting pumped up.

    I think Wale is extremely overrated and don't find anything good in his music. He has a few mediocre songs, but that's about it.

    Mac Miller has a lot of hype surrounding him even though he isn't that good lyrically and is just riding Wiz and other white stoner rappers like Asher Roth and Sam Adams (not that he's good either)

    Also never saw anything great about Brother Ali other than Star Quality or E-40 other than his laid back Bay Area sound.

    T.I. hasn't made anything as praiseworthy as people treat him since Urban Legend and is very inconsistent. Never have been a KRS-One, Slug, Talib Kweli, Joe Budden, Chamillionaire, MF Doom, Public Enemy, Immortal Technique or Gravediggaz fan

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    10 years ago

    Jay is still dope, Eminem is raw. Encore was weak and Relapse wasn't amazing but he's still dope. No way you're saying Eminem is not as good as Ice Cube. Tupac is definitely the most overrated rapper. Either him or Biggie. Biggie had some lyrical ability but it was pretty basic. Pac is still a good rapper but people dickride him way too much. To me, Nas is the greatest rapper of all time, based on lyrical ability, longevity, popularity, and social consciousness. Everyone has their own opinion though.

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    Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Drake, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa

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    Biggie Smalls..... He was good. But people dont consider how fake he was. Im not a hater but you have to think for yourself sometimes. If you ever listen to his Demo, it is exactly the same as his first album Ready to Die. The only difference is that he had different beats, but the same verses. Take this into consideration, when he was making his demo, he was a nobod, and broke meaning he was not living the lifestyle that he was rapping about. So he is what Jay-z had said '' Im sick of your now and later raps....Rap about it now, and hope you get it later'' Jayz was not referring to Biggie, but that is basically what Biggie did.

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    He's one of my favorite rappers but Jadakiss isn't really as good with punchlines as people make him out to be, he just has one every other line.

    IMO Eminem is somewhat underrated around here as no one ever mentions any of his two or three classic albums because they're afriad to get TD's. But he's also hella overrated by non-regs who bring up all of his Recovery stuff.

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    The fact that you call Eminem "above average" is laughable; he's far better than the majority of hip hop heads make him out to be. And to write off Jay as dead weight since 2003 is similarly laughable.

    I agree that everyone else is garbage though. But so is your opinion.

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    George W Bush

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    Killa Sin

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    I'd say Lil Wayne. He was good until Tha Carter II, but then his career skyrocketed and his ego grew 3x bigger than Kanye West's. Ever since the money started flowing in, his popularity increased immensely, but the songs he put out were complete crap. It seems like he knew he was growing so popular that everyone would buy his sh*t regardless, so he just stopped trying to make good music at all. He turned into a pop "artist" and pretty much does what he does for money. He's the definition of a complete SELLOUT.


    I'll defend to my death that Eminem isn't overrated. His flow always was and still remains perfect, as is his lyrical content which is full of double meanings, metaphors and similes that blow most people's minds, and most importantly, deep real-life situations that are relatable to what millions of people go through. People who call themselves "Real Fans" say that he sold out, is a pop artist, sucks now, etc... But these so-called "Real Fans" can't grasp the fact that he's made great music with the same content as ever, even in Recovery. They say that "Love The Way You Lie" is pop, which just shows me that these "Real Fans" have never heard the songs "Crazy In Love" and "I Love You More" (which are basically all the same songs, just minus Rhianna in the hook). These "Real Fans" are nothing more than ignorant dick head trolls who just try to start controversy. If he deserves a title of "The Most _____ Rapper", that 'blank' would be "The Most Underappreciated Rapper".

    ***END OF RANT***

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