What are the community colleges in the Northwestern area of Michigan that offers phlebotomy?

Does anyone know what community colleges in the Ann Arbor area had phlebotomy classes and know how long it takes to become a phlebotomist? Also, how would I go about getting a college grant or loan to go to school?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Looking at community colleges for this training is very wise - avoid the for-profit schools which are expensive and don't give you any better training - just lots of debt. It is usually a 2-year program but you would have to check each school to see if they have a shorter one.

    I couldn't find a CC in the Ann Arbor area but here are a few other Michigan CCs that have this program:

    Delta College

    University Center, MI

    Gogebic Community College

    Ironwood, MI

    Grand Rapids Community College

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Kellogg Community College

    Battle Creek, MI

    Lansing Community College

    Lansing, MI

    Monroe County Community College

    Monroe, MI

    The financial aid office at every school has all the information about grants and loans. You can go online and find out what the federal government recommends as the amount that yo would pay at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/# That is the free application for federal student aid.

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    10 years ago

    The largest schools in the state offering phlebotomy programs are Oakland Community College in Bloomfield Hills and Wayne County Community College in Detroit.

    Wayne County CC:

    Located in Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County Community College is another 2-year school that offers phlebotomist technician training. This school was founded in 1967 with borrowed facilities and now owns and operates 5 campuses throughout the county. Phlebotomy courses are available on the Northwest campus.

    It will roughly take 2 semesters to become a phlebotomist (Depends on the program).

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