Should I buy an Electric Car?

I am researching buying an electric car. I drive 30 miles to work one way in Denver, CO (so there is snow).

I am looking at buying the E-Car by the Electric Car Company

It looks to get up to speed and the battery lasts a while. But I am nervous because the dealer is not a major dealer like Ford or Nissan. When it comes to electric cars should I worry about something like this?

Has anyone out there owned an electric car (or more helpful this specific brand of car or in Denver, CO)? Can you share your experience?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Unfortunately because of recent events there is no large scale distribution of electric vehicles to base your research on. Currently the only cars available from the major auto makers are the Nissan Leaf and if you consider it electric, the Chevy Volt. The Volt is more of a hybrid than a electric car.

    There are some smaller manufacturers that are producing cars like Tesla. Over 130 vehicle manufactures have announced EV programs but they are only announcements and don't mean that there is even a single prototype on the road. Many manufacturers like Ford have promised electric cars in 2012. It appears they are holding back to see how Nissan and GM electric models do.

    I don't know how bad the winters are in Denver. Areas with prolonged cold spells are not particularly suited to EV use. Heating the cabin being the main issue. It can sometimes take more energy to heat the cabin than the drive-train uses. Also batteries loose capacity in the cold so they would have to be heated when the ambient temperature is below freezing. As for driving on snow EV's are a little better than gas cars because they have more mass which helps traction.

    Source(s): film "Who Killed the Electric Car"
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    10 years ago

    Electrics and hybrids are overpriced marketing gimmick that's not good for the environment. Those batteries are toxic, heavy and expensive. Buying a $15K Elantra vs a $40K Volt, you'll save $25K gas money. No brainer.

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  • 10 years ago

    You would do better with a Prius or an Insight.

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