Why don't people get it? Looking for opinions.?

Here is a short press release from Immigration and Customs Enforcement:


I have read a couple of articles where the bleeding hearts are talking about this woman's rights. What rights? She had a chance to live here and to have a good life. She tossed that out the window with drugs and other crimes. To me, she is saying, "Nah - I don't want to live in the U.S. I would rather be a criminal." I say - then go home. Your behavior threatens U.S. citizen lives. Go home.

Those same bleeding hearts say that illegal aliens have rights. No they don't. Only a U.S. citizen is protected under the Constitution. Illegals have no rights - none whatsoever. They aren't felons like lots of people suggest on here. In fact, illegal presence is a civil action not a criminal action.

But they don't have any rights - not to a lawyer, not to "humane treatment," not to anything. They have the right to go home. But first!!!! In our country today, they get to spend a little time in detention before they go. How much time? Well that is up to DHS. As I understand it, the goal (from the DHS/Department of Justice point of view) is to make them so sick of the United States that when they finally are allowed to leave/deported, they will never want to come back. Works for me.

But, in the meantime, where is it that people believe that illegals and those who have legal permanent resident status and then break their promise to the American people by breaking the law, have rights?


Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, anyone who is illegally present in the U.S. does not have rights - not the right to an attorney, not the right to visitation from family, not even the right to humane treatment. That's the law - period.

Also under the Immigration and Nationality Act, the word "immigrant" has a very clear and defined meaning - it is a person who is legally present in the United States of America as a Permanent Legal Resident - green card holder. Anyone else is not an immigrant. My grandfather was an Immigrant and he was here legally. Anyone else is an "illegal alien" to the U.S. government.

Do I care about Immigrant lives? You bet I do. Do I care about illegal alien lives? No - I do not. I have two words for all of them - GO HOME!! There you can have your rights.

Update 2:


So Truth Dealer - your comments concerning blacks is a complete non-sequitar. I am only discussing illegal aliens.

You say look at the "root cause." What is the root cause? If you are going to say that it is the way people are treated in Mexico, I'm going to agree with you. However, we have enough problems of our own to deal with in the U.S. right now. We have a budget deficit that is about to hit the QUADRILLION mark - that is a bunch of zeroes. We have a people (our own citizens) who say, "It's not our problem - don't raise our taxes." Sadly, many of our legislators couldn't make it in the private sector - might have something to do with why things are as they are - and became politicians. And we keep right on electing them.

Now then - if you can show me how illegal aliens provide a benefit to the U.S., I am more than open to listening to/reading your arguments and points. As an American citizen, I have a right to ask that our government and that the people livin

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    If "illegal aliens" have no rights, then why are states spending so much time and money making laws to govern them? If "illegal aliens" have no rights why are courts over burdened with their cases? If "illegal aliens' have no rights then why are there people questioning "why can't we just shoot illegals?" (paraphrased))

    Illegals do have some rights granted by the Constitution and other federal laws related to employment conditions, due process, health care and illegal search and seizures. They are covered under the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Also under Federal law requires that hospitals that receive public money must provide emergency care for any patient that comes into an emergency room, regardless of immigration status.

    Those here illegally are not supposed to be able to work at all. Once hired by an employer, they are required to meet the same standards for minimum wage, overtime and safe working conditions, and illegal employees should have the same resources in enforcing these standards. According to the Utah Labor Commission, as with some other states, the only thing an employee must prove is an employer-employee relationship, not legal hiring status.

    Under the INA, there is.


    Sec. 292. [8 U.S.C. 1362] In any removal proceedings before an immigration judge and in any appeal proceedings before the Attorney General from any such removal proceedings, the person concerned shall have the privilege of being represented (at no expense to the Government) by such counsel, authorized to practice in such proceedings, as he shall choose."


    That alone shows you have little knowledge of what you quote from. As to the "very clear and defined meaning" of the word "immigrant" you again need to read what you use before you use it. (in part)


    Sec. 101. [8 U.S.C. 1101] (a) As used in this Act-"

    "(15) The term "immigrant" means every alien except an alien who is within one of the following classes of nonimmigrant aliens" (this is followed by about 40 exceptions)


    Then what is an "alien" ? From the above link. (in part)

    "(3) The term "alien" means any person not a citizen or national of the United States."

    I do not see any definition for illegal in the INA nor the USCIS glossary. However the USCIS glossary show for "immigrant". (in part)

    "See "Permanent Resident Alien"


    "Permanent Resident Alien"

    "An alien admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident. Permanent residents are also commonly referred to as immigrants; however, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) broadly defines an immigrant as any alien in the United States, except one legally admitted under specific nonimmigrant categories (INA section 101(a)(15)). An illegal alien who entered the United States without inspection, for example, would be strictly defined as an immigrant under the INA but is not a permanent resident alien. Lawful permanent residents are legally accorded the privilege of residing permanently in the United States. They may be issued immigrant visas by the Department of State overseas or adjusted to permanent resident status by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in the United States."


    My opinion is you believe that people never get it until they change to your way of thinking.

    "You have to love our laws the average person can not understand or follow them but they certainly can be tried by them."


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  • Me
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    9 years ago

    Why didn't we ship all the blacks back to Africa then? They sure did not want to be here, nor did they like how they were treated. Right up through the 70's (and to a lesser extent today) they were treated like second class citizens, which in turn provoked a lot of ill feelings. During the civil rights movement, when they were loudly proclaiming how badly they were treated, and they didn't like it, why didn't we send them back?

    One day Americans (United States citizens) will pull their heads out of their own a$$es and realize the world around them changes and evolves. Sending people 'back', building walls, etc is NOT the answer to the problem. When you really want to solve a problem, you look at the root cause, not the symptoms. Of course that is probably over a lot of people's heads.


    Why do you think people from other countries, many of them 3rd world countries, wish to go to the USA? Any ideas? Anything?

    Maybe, just maybe, it has to do with the promotion of "The Greatest Country in the World" campaign the USA is on. The USA spreads their propaganda around the world like a cancer. Infecting people by the millions. Of course a lot of people, especially from 3rd world countries, would love to make their way to the land of milk and honey. Wouldn't you? Of course you would. So the US has to accept part of the blame for the massive influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal. No other country on the planet touts itself the way the US does.

    Next big issue is employers. Once those poor people do make it to the US, how do you imagine they manage to stay? Yes some do cheat the system and use benefits, but the vast majority don't. They work. For lower wages, longer hours, with no job protection. Little more than indentured workers, or slaves. Why doesn't the US government make employers take responsibility for hiring illegals? I don't want to hear that cock and bull that many don't realize they have hired an illegal. Make E-verify mandatory. Then any employer caught with an illegal on their payroll or employed, with be fined, heavily. Second offense they lose their business and all assets associated with said business. Do it across the board and I bet you a dime to a dollar within a year 2/3rd of the illegals would be gone. Jobs gone, illegals start to go.

    There are ways to handle this problem other than just shipping people back, and waiting on their return.

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  • Powow
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    9 years ago

    We, in Australia, have our own problem illegal immigrants, think they can risk their kids lives and bring them in a rickety old boat hoping we pluck them out of the water to safety and put them up. They are causing riots, burning the detention centres because it takes so long to process them. We can't win. I hate it when the hippies say 'they have rights too' but, like you, I don't believe they do when they come illegally.

    Earlier this year a boat crashed (we found out later it was deliberate, so we had to rescue them) locals were trying their best, there were children and quite a few people died. How do they live with themselves.

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  • KIZE
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    9 years ago

    They should have no rights at all.

    And notice a Greasy Tony account says about your posting rants when he uses 40 accounts to post his bogus rants. And his other account trying to mix immigrants and illegals again. I think they deserve no chance and should all be punished!

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  • 9 years ago

    What part of Illegal do they not understand?

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  • 9 years ago

    they do have rights, they are just wrong in thinking that one of them is the right to stay here illegally

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  • 9 years ago

    Here's my opinion: I think you don't give a crap about human lives if they are immigrants. By you saying "bleeding hearts", it's obvious you're a Conservative/Republican. That's a typical talking point.

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