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Why does the bible say the earth is only 6000 years old?

The bible seems fake, I am agnostic, I just saw something say the earth was created 6000 years ago, yet there is evidence the earth is over 6000 years old, when I read science and that, it told me that the earth is over one million years old and not that many years; 6000. Who really made the bible and christianity; give me a good solid answer; the bible seems confusing and sometimes gibberish; not trying to be mean. Also my friend told me an angel by the name of Michael is six billion years old, how does a six thousand year creation even make sense.


The Bible is clear that Adam, the first man, lived only 6000 years ago. Adam was created on the sixth day of God's Creation Week, so according to the Bible the earth must be only 6000 years old too.

Update 2:

What I mean by over one million years old is that the earth is in the billions.

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    The Bible doesn't. Bishop Ussher in the 17th Century did.

    Big diff.

    Again, the Bible DOESN'T say Adam lived only 6000 years ago. Bishop Ussher came to that conclusion by working backwards from the genealogies listed in the bible, and there are many gaps in that. And, we don't know (unless we are Fundies who insist on biblical literalism), how long the first six "days" of creation took.

    Biblical literalists are a small minority among the World's two billion Christians. Most accept that Genesis is mostly parable and allegory. In fact, as early as the 4th century, St. Augustine was warning against a simplistic naturalistic reading of metaphysical literature.

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    I have been reading and studying the Bible since 1972, never has anything said that the earth was 6,000 years old. There have been some who just reading through the first pages of Genesis have quickly drawn a wrong conclusion about the creative days being just 24 hours long, but there is nothing about the age of the earth. It could be billions of years old, the sun and moon were also here first, just like the earth was. Those stages of light; luminaries, are describing the preparation of, (rather than creation of ) the already existing earth for future habitation by living animals and humans. God was clearing the cloud masses around the earth to allow the light of the sun and moon, that have already been there, to shine on the surface of the earth. Then there are stages called "days",but were thousands of years each when vegetation and seed was caused to flourish on the surface of the earth, sea creatures were made, birds, reptiles and then animals of all kinds. Finally man was created, then woman. A "day" is often meaning a period of time much more than just 24 hours, in 2 Peter 3: 8, is saying that to God a thousand years are as a day. Day has often been used when someone was describing their "grandfather's day ", in his time ,not meaning 24 hours. Some have said the earth was made in just 6 days, no that's not what " day" in Genesis meant. The start of creation of living creatures and man were a very long time after the earth and universe were here. Only humans have been on the earth for just over 6,000 years, so would be the newest and last creation. The earth has been here for a billions of years, but life is relatively recent in comparison.

    Source(s): The Bible. For farther information check articles on on the search bar, type in "creative days" or "days of creation".
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    The Bible says nothing about how old the Earth is.

    Sometime around 200 years ago, a monk, out of curiosity, traced back through the genealogies to come up with an idea. This is difficult, as the earliest generations lived a very long time, and lifespans shortened to their current length. Not all people named have their ages given either. His best guess was that the Earth was made in 4004BC. This number has been latched on to ever since, even though it is very, very rough at best, even using the Bible.

    Of course, the Bible is a collection of dozens of books, written in a great many different genres. One of them is "myth," which does NOT mean a fairy story! In Theology, this term is used for a story that deals with truth, but for which the details might not be. So, much of Genesis is myth; we can learn a lot from it, but clearly, it is not a science book, and things cannot have happened precisely as is written there. It is still a very valuable book, which is why it is considered Scripture, but even the Jews, whose Scripture it really is don't consider it to be literal fact.

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    I asked the same question, I guess they add up the lineage of people in the old testament. However, God did rest for a day, and If I am not mistaken that was before he was done so there may not have been any concept of space/time. So the day he rested for could have been a billion years, or it could have literally been a day? Nobody really knows the answer to that question, because the bible does not make that real clear. If I am mistaken I am sure I will be corrected a hundred times. Im not an expert, I have read the beginning to the old testament though.

    Source(s): old testament
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    The Bible never says how old the earth is. The only time scale we know is that it's been about 2000 since the time of Jesus. I think 6000 year thing was pushed by many Christians as a way to counter the theory of evolution. If the earth is really that young then evolution would not have had time to take place.

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    No! It does not! It does not give the age of the earth.

    EDIT: How can you reason that the earth is as old as Adam when it clearly shows that much was done to the earth even after it was created before Adam was created? That would mean that Adam and the earth were created at the same time. Your reasoning is illogical. Since Adam was created on the sixth day then there were 5 previous days on earth before Adam.

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    I always thought that it was a misconception brought about by the jewish calendar. The jews only got to about 6000 years so young earth creationists (not ones who realize that carbon dating and our own prehistoric history date farther back, they make the argument that a day on earth != one day for god) believe that the humans 6000 years ago were created by god just for fun to hang with (speculation) the children of adam and eve since it takes far more generations to physically get to our population from two people than they believe.

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    Because at the time the Bible was written (the Old Testament, from which such estimates were derived), almost nothing was known about natural history. The earth is in fact something more than 6 billion years old.

  • 1. Man has ben on Earth about 6000 years (Jewish Calendar; year 5771, calendar started in Garden of Eden.

    2. The 7 days of Creation are not all 24 hour days; the Sun, the foundation for our 24 hour day was created on day 4.(not 1).

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    Humanity is 6000 years old not the earth. The earth is much older.

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