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Will someone skilled in onomastics help proofread this list of names?

I'll be frank...I made a transcript of the Steve Carell cold open on SNL (season 33, episode 12), where he gives out diplomas at the Major Dildo Pounder High School commencement ceremony. I did the best I could to spell the names properly (as in, how they would look as actual names and not as the words for which they are euphemisms), but I'm not very familiar with uncommon names that might have non-American roots. Anyone good with the "etymology of names?"

Any help would be appreciated, even if you can only fix a few:

Eileen Dover

Pat McGroin

Jack David Mehoff

Mike Anthony Hunt

Latta Christine Seaman

Rod Steven Gazinya

Peter Brian Gazinya

Wilma Ruth Fingerdoo

Camanna Elizabeth Wanaleia

Eaton Thomas Bush

Ophelia Jane Pecker

Haywood Paul Jablome

Euben Alexei Yankanov

Chlamydia Marie Carrier

Dick Hurts

Buster Wingate Highman

Craven Palmaroy Moorhead

Harry Albert Cox (C-o-x)

Harry Barton ***** (D-i-x)

Harry Denison Crank

Harry Michael Schwontz

Harry Charles Wombus

Harry Milton Wang

Harry Kimball Dong

Harry Stuart Yin-Yang

Harry Mott Ballzack

Harry Nicholas Paratestes III

Yohanna Nailer

Aie Sherwood Nailer

Avery Boinken Nailer

Howell Ewe Nailer

Ivanna Dewer Bottom

Tamara Willit Hurt

Albey Donne Quick

Justin DeFront Sailor

Oral Canbe Good

Oral Israel Fast

Ann Safer Too

Orally Mae Work

Willa Yuletta Snow

George Michael Steinbrenner

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    geee this is tough. will ask friend to help

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    Steve Carell Snl Graduation

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