Crush doesn't want a relationship?

What does it mean when a guy isn't looking for a relationship? Could it mean he likes you but doesn't want one for some reason. but if he liked her, why not have a relationship?

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    10 years ago
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    If a crush doesn't want a relationship then he may not be ready to be in a committed relationship and prefers a casual one.

    He maybe focused on other things (studies, career, hobbies) and doesn't have time for a relationship.

    If a crush happens to be a friend then he may not want to risk losing you if getting involved with him ends badly.

    He may like some other girl or he doesn't know how to really handle a girl having a big crush on him.

    It could be he's been hurt before by a girl or girls that he's liked or has been involved with.

    For me, I can like a girl but I don't really want to get involved with her.

    I have been hurt by girls in my past.

    I have been rejected and dumped.

    I have been lied to a lot by girls.

    My last two girlfriends were really screwed up to me.

    I have a hard time trusting a girl and not doubting that she not hurt me.

    If you fall for a guy and he doesn't want relationship, please don't automatically assume it's because he's not attracted to you.

    I hope that this helps and take care of yourself. I mean it. ~ Alan

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    I'm a guy and had the exact same situation with a girl. Well with me, she told me that if we went out, and possibly broke up, that we would lose our friendship. She still likes me, but just doesn't want anything serious, or put a label on anything. So it may be the same thing with you, where this guy doesn't want to be in something serious, but probably still likes you.

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    It pretty much meens he not looking for a relationship. Lot's of guys probably arent. They are probably mature and are trying to focus on school.

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    Maybe because he doesn't want anything serious yet?

    or maybe he likes someone else.

    But did you ask him yet?

    I'm a guy, and most guys want to have a relationship.

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