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Which factor led to immigration of large numbers of people to the United States to Europe in the late 19th century?

A) Industrialization of the United States.

B) Economics in Europe allowed Europeans to buy land in the United States.

C) European social reform spread to the United States.

D) The United States needed people to colonize Cuba.


Immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries did not speak English and as a result this led to what cultural practice?

A) Words from other languages entered the American vocabulary.

B) Those who did not know English could not enter the United States.

C) Most people learned to speak several languages.

D) People tended to gather with their own ethnic groups and isolated themselves in areas like Little Italy or Chinatown.


Which of the following factors did NOT lead to the industrialization of America?

A) Immigration from Europe

B) Plessy v. Ferguson

C) New science and technology

D) The growth of railroads


What did women like Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt, and the National American Women Suffrage Association want?

A) Voting rights for 18-year-olds.

B) Voting rights for immigrants.

C) Voting rights for women.

D) Voting rights for men.


Which of the following was NOT considered a proper role of government in the late 1900s?

A) Protection of workers from dangerous factory conditions.

B) Providing subsidies for railroads.

C) Cooperating with business.

D) Protecting African-American rights.


Which of the following aided the change of the United States from an agricultural nation to an industrial nation?

A) The growth of the Democratic Party.

B) Improvements in transportation.

C) Fewer immigrants coming to the United States.

D) The death of the robber barons.


In 1872, Susan B. Anthony knowingly and deliberately violated like New York state law, when she voted in a presidential election. What was the purpose of her act of disobedience?

A) She wanted to show that unjust laws could not be enforced.

B) She wanted to vote for a certain candidate.

C) She wanted to use propaganda to influence public opinion.

D) She wanted to call attention to the injustice that women could not vote.


Match the definition with the term it defines.

A. No government interference with business.

B. Men who built industries.

C. Factory over cottage labor.

D. Immigration from Eastern Europe.

E. Immigrants from Western Europe.

F. Learn a trade and then gain Civil Rights.

G. Civil Rights now.

Old Immigration

Robber Barons

Niagara Movement

Laissez Faire

Atlanta Compromise

Industrial Revolution

New Immigration


The Industrial Revolution in the United States led to what major change in production?

A) An increasing number of workers going to the farm.

B) Labor shortages due to a decreasing population.

C) An increasing part of the labor force working in factories.

D) A need for better trade agreements.


How did the American government apply laissez faire to business and railroads?

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    1. A

    2. D

    3. B

    4. C

    5. --

    6. B

    7. D

    8. A - Laissez Faire, B - Robber Barons, C - Industrial Rev, D - New Immigration, E - Old Immigration, F - Atlanta Compromise, G - Niagara Movement

    9. C

    10. They allowed them to grow unrestrained into trusts, which let them have monopolies over certain sectors of the economy like sugar production, oil, steel, etc.

    These are what I got.

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    how long the Montgomery bus boycott last?

    why did the Kennedy administration agree not to stop the arrests of Mississippi activists?

    what are Jim crow laws?

    which civil rights organization won a number of important court cases against segregation in the 1950 s?

    what did the supreme court rule in the case known as Brown ii?

    what did president Kennedy declare in response to riots over the desegregation of the university of Mississippi?

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