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What is the US doing in libya?

I get we dont like gaddafi and we're trying to get him out of libya. My question isn't what are we doing as in "why the hell are we there?!" but what things are we actually doing? Where are we attacking, who are we attacking, why, etc?

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    You're enforcing a United Nations resolution, namely a no-fly zone. This is being done with the assistance of other United Nations security council member states and involves the destruction of Libya's fighter jets, air missle defense units, and other anti-aircraft weaponary housed by the Libyan administration.

    The goal is to prevent Libya attacking it's own citizens with bombs and the secondary goal is to prevent Libya inflicting harm on allied forces whilst they carry out this task

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    We're making it easy for civilians to conquer their own ruler. We have Gadhafi's hands tied behind his back so his people can take over the government. Then the people of Libya will "owe us" and we'll be able to occupy the country and use their oil as we choose.

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    protecting the people

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