who still rents movies ?

from the video stores

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    Another 5- 10 years and there will not be any brick and mortar video rental stores in America.

    At the moment prices for rental movies are dictated by brick and mortar stores...$3 to 3.99 for a new release. The reason why you see cheaper prices from Red Box, NetFlix or other online sources is because they are attempting to put the brick and mortar SERVICE oriented video stores out of business. When that happens and people have no choice but to visit a vending machine or wait for the mail to deliver a movie you just as easily might hate as love, or need to upgrade their home system to allow for downloaded movies...the prices will go up to about $4.99 just like the pay per view price is.

    NetFlix will dump the mail service once everything is in place for high speed internet download and they will raise their prices. Red Box vending machines will not last too long once high speed internet download is widely available so they will not have much effect on pricing.

    Unfortunately people never seem to understand how nice SERVICE is until it is gone...

    I own and have owned an independant video rental store for the last 10 years...it is getting tough and I doubt I will keep the doors open for more than another 4 years. I keep seeing customers trying the Red Box or Netflix but most of them come back to me within a few months because I provide service to my customers.

    If you had been renting from me for a month that is all the time I need to get to know your personal tastes. I run my business alone, no employees, so when you come in and grab one of the many crappy movies out there, if I know it is a crappy movie and you are wasting your money I will say "You won't like that movie at all, it is billed as a comedy but it is more of a drama and I know you don't watch dramas. But here is 3 choices for comedy that I am sure you will enjoy..."

    I am also flexible and willing to work with my customers. If you misplace a Redbox or Netflix movie you have about 7 days to locate the movie or you get charged for it. Oh you can call the company HQ and try to explain that you know the movie is misplaced and it might be 2 weeks before it turns up but they won't care. They will just tell you to find it in 7 days or they will charge you to replace it.

    I just had a customer come in yesterday waving a movie of mine at me that was missing for a month. She was a good customer and offered to pay for it but I told her "just give it some time, it will show up" and 99% of the time the movie does turn up. I charged her a $3.00 late fee for being 30 days late only because I did have a few people in that time wanting to rent it.

    I do 5 movies for 5 days for 5 $ on the older titles and I have people call me up and tell me "I will be in on Friday, could you pick me out 5 movies, you know what I like.." I have their movie history on hand so I make sure they get movies they have never seen and on Friday they are in and out in 5 minutes.

    Try to get that service from Red Box or Net Flix.

    Right now there are still many reasons to visit your local rental store...keeping your money local is one reason, getting service is another (agreed not all video stores have my kind of service). You can also load up on popcorn, candy and soda when you get a movie from my store. And many people still enjoy the feel of walking through a video store with a great selection (I have 8500 titles) just to see what will jump off the shelf at them.

    Oh...to answer your question. No I do not rent from a video store. I own one!!

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    The last time I looked at rentals was at Hastings and when I was leaving I asked a salesperson if they had any 3D movies for rent. He said they were mixed up with the other movies but they didn't actually have the true digital 3D movies they just had the cheezy ones you watch with the paper glasses.

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    I do, but from redbox

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    because you dont have to get up and drive somewhere. you get it instantly

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    i do... i guess i'm just old-fashioned :P

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