Where can I find raw Acetylcholine?

I was thinking, maybe I should inject some Acetylcholine to increase my memory...

That's probably illegal/dangerous. I'll check the legalities/dangers of it later.

For the moment I just want to try it.

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  • Dr. C
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    10 years ago
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    Acetylcholine (ACh) may be available through as a dietary supplement and for oral consumption. It has not been approved by the US FDA as a medication. Therefore, it should not be injected since it will not be sterile or designed to be given in this fashion. It is extremely unlikely that taking ACh in any form will help increase your memory for several reasons. If you ingest this chemical, most of it will be broken down in your gut before being absorbed. Even if enough of it was absorbed intact into the bloodstream, it would have to avoid being broken down by your body's natural enzymes. Assuming that enough ACh was not degraded, it would then have to pass between the blood-brain barrier. This barrier is designed to keep most chemicals out of the brain and nervous system. Finally, even if enough ACh could enter the brain, there would be no way to selectively target your memory cells.

    The only way to improve your memory is through repetition and frequent use. There are many techniques available to improve recall. These include using mnemonics, use of multiple formats (spoken, visual, written), use of stories/song, etc. Other important factors include making sure you get enough sleep, reducing stress, reducing environmental distractions (stereo, TV), getting exercise (promotes blood flow to the brain), and avoiding drugs/alcohol.

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