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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

The movie where a guy turns store thiefs into mannequins?

Im looking for the name of the movie where there are like 2 store security guards that watch the videos around the store to see if there are any shoplifters.

1 guard is new and the other is experienced, when someone is caught doing something wrong in the store the experienced guard will take them down into like the basement of the store and turn them into display mannequins.

I can't remmember what it is called, i watched it on Chiller or SyFy channel around a year or so ago, and i remmember it was made in the 2000s.

I THINK it starts with a S, but im not sure. If anyone could help me find it I would really appreciate it.


Yes it was a a gorey movie, sucking out 1 persons eyeballs at 1 time. Other parts of the movie I remmember are:

The new guard gets attracted to a girl and the experienced guard trys to turn her into one.

The new guard knocks a mannequin over at one time to find human bones.

The new guard goes somewhere with a lot of mannequins and when he leaves the room one of the mannequin eyes moves.

Thats close to all I can remmember, I dont remmember any of the people who played in it...

Also, I remmember the movie name being close to a name of like video security. The name wasn't "Video Secrutiy" it reminded me of video security, like "Security" or "Supervision" but I have looked at both those names and can't find any movie with them.

Update 2:

Well I thought the movie was named "Surveillance", Bill Pullman looks like the expierenced security guard that turns the people to mannequins, it was made in 2008, uses video cameras, and the movie name reminds me of "Video Security", but the story isn't it! So now I am not sure about when it was made or what the name started with. I know it wasn't Tourist Trap or Mannequin.

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    EDIT: Could it be Surveillance (2006)? Stars: Armand Assante, Nick Cornish and Laurie Fortier.

    Plot: (according to IMDb):

    The story of an obsessive department store security guard whose spotless record at crime prevention marks the horrifying reality of blackmail, deception and murder.

    NOTE: Bill Pullman starred in Surveillance (2008).

    The keywords (on IMDb) seem to fit your movie description:



    •Eyeball (sucked out by a machine)


    •Shopping Mall




    •Mouth Sewn Shut

    •Security Guard



    •Store Detective




    •Parking Lot





    •Security Camera





  • 1 decade ago

    I can't tell you the name yet, but your description reminded me that I HAVE seen this movie! It was rather gruesome as he transformed people into mannequins. I thought the guy was Jeff Fahey, but I haven't found anything in his filmography. I'll look through my film journals, but I don't think that they go back far enough. I'm trying various B-movie actors, the "name actors" who have fallen on lean times, as I'm sure the lead is a rather well-known one.

    If I can't find it, I'll delete this. If someone else remembers it, I'll delete my post. I just wanted to let you know that I DO know the movie your are asking about. It's definitely not "Mannequin" or "Tourist Trap".

    EDIT: I'm still looking and might have to seek help from a horror-buff friend. I'm not sure where to start on my film journals, which go back only to January 1, 2009. So, I might not have it in my records. I drop by Chiller Channel site and went through their movies but soon realized that it's far from a complete list.

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    I think its called mannequin.

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