How long did Moammar Qaddafi have a seat on the UN Human Rights Council?


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    Long enough to realize he wouldn't go along with their plans for global governance.

    Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi is no threat to the United States, or the world, he is a pawn in the way of global governance. This is a serious answer, about a serious matter. Do your own Research here are some places to start to learn about Global Governance and the Earth Charter.

    The only threat Gaddafi represents is that he stands in the way of Global Governance as he will not bow to the desires of those that want install a one world government, so he must go. He is not their lap dog and proponents of the Earth Charter and the UN Committee on Global Governance has room for only one dictator, theirs. For this reason they are removing from power the dictators in the Middle East. One by one they MUST fall. Continue to watch as they, the governments of the Middle East, all fall in line with "new governments" that kneel to the UN Commission on Global Governance and the Earth Charter.

    Read: Our Global Neighborhood; Report of the Commission on Global Governance; (ISBN 0-19-827998-1; Published by Oxford University Press, 1995.

    Here is A Summary Analysis by Henry Lamb (First published in eco-logic, January/February, 1996):

    Read: The Earth Charter, GRI, and the Global Compact: Guidance to Users on the Synergies in Application and Reporting:

    Here are some of the people, countries and organizations that are behind the Global Governance Movement.

    It is a shortened List:

    Paul Warburg, Federal Reserve Bank, Strobe Talbot, Council on Foreign Relations, NAFTA, Susan Rice, United Nations, UN Commission on Global Governance, Some of the world’s most influential people constitute the Commission on Global Governance: Ingvar Carlsson, Sweden, Shirdath Ramphal, Guyana, Ali Alatas, Indonesia, Abdlatif Al-Hamad, Kuwait, Oscar Arias, Costa Rica, Anna Balletbo i Puig, Spain, Kurt Biedenkopf, Germany, Allan Boesak, South Africa, Manuel Camacho Solis, Mexico, Bernard Chidzero, Zimbabwe, Barber Conable, United States, Jacques Delors, France, Jiri Dienstbier, Czech Republic, Enrique Iglesias, Uruguay, Frank Judd, United Kingdom, Hongkoo Lee, Republic of Korea, Wangari Maathai, Kenya, Sadako Ogata, Japan, Olara Otunnu, Uganda, I.G. Patel, India, Celina Vargas do Amaral Peixoto, Brazil, Jan Pronk, Netherlands, Qian Jiadong, China, Marie-Angelique Savane, Senegal, Adele Simmons, United States, Maurice Strong, Canada, Brian Urquhart, United Kingdom, Yuli Vorontsov, Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev, Brooking Institute, Barack Hussein Obama, Environmentalists / Green Cross, William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (born: William Jefferson Blythe III), Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, World Trade Organization, Richard Gardner, George Herbert Walker Bush, International Criminal Court (World Court), Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Bilderberg Group, Kevin Rudd, Trilateral Commission, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, John Podesta, Rahm Emanuel, MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation

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