New to NonFiction Books?

I read a lot, but all of it is fiction. I'd like to break into some non-fiction, specifically books that will help me learn more about a variety of topics and areas (not the "my experience in the wilderness" type, more school text book type). Do anyone have any ideas for nonfiction that will help me become more knowledgeable in certain areas? :) I'm interesting in any topics, obscure or hard to understand is fine, I'm looking to learn. :)

Books for adults only, nothing for kids or teens please.


Any suggestions for topics like science, philosophy, etc? :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    The first nonfiction book I read was Columbine, which read like a thriller (an intelligent one at that). It offered insight on the families of the killers and delved into the psychopathy of Eric and Dylan. It was thought provoking, emotionally challenging, sad, funny, and exciting all at once.

    I also very much enjoy biographies on people who lived wonderfully interesting lives. Albert Einstein, Ayn Rand, Joan of Ark, and Winston Churchill were some of my favorite people to study. They all had fascinating backgrounds and philosophies.

    I really like reading books on different religious opinions, it makes me think and question and analyze (The God Delusion, God is Not Great, Letter to a Christian Nation, More than a Carpenter, Letters to a Skeptic).

    Also, for something more exciting, In Cold Blood is an unquestionable masterpiece to all that have the enormous blessing of reading it! Hope you enjoy, if you bother reading them. :)

  • 10 years ago

    I'm not sure if you can find it in print any longer but try looking up Swift Justice by Harry Farrell.

    It's about a kidnapping and murder of a department store heir in 1933 in San Jose, California. I grew up there and have read the story many times. The park where they hung the kidnappers still exists to this day. I always got a creepy vibe when I went through that park or near the post office that was being constructed at the time and still exists to this day.

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