what are the top ten most dangerous cities?

like in the united states (i need from 2006 to 2011 some of the stats i got dont like match up)

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    The United States of America is the land of opportunities, but it is also plagued by its own problems. All is not well in the land of opportunities; it has its share of problems. Crime is a multiple headed monster that keeps raising its ugly head in the various cities spread across America. This article is a listing of America's most dangerous cities according to latest crime statistics.

    This listing of the most dangerous cities in America is based on the published crime statistics in 2009 and surveys conducted by national journals during last year. As some cities are renowned in the United States for being the safest, there are certain cities which have the notoriety of being America's dangerous cities. While moving around in these cities and its certain neighborhoods, you need to really watch out for yourself and your family. With a high crime rate of every kind ranging from burglary, robbery, assault, murder, rape and motor vehicle theft, these are by far some of the most dangerous places to move around in the United States.

    This article has no intention of spreading paranoia or unnecessary fear but is only meant to alert US citizens about these crime ridden areas. Another reason for making this list is to drive the US government's attention towards these cities, hoping that the authorities may be able to do something about the conditions that lead a man to take the path of crime in such cities.

    Top Ten of America's Most Dangerous Cities

    The reason for the spread of crimes is quite complex. There exist many sociological and psychological reasons for a person to take up crime. Ignorance, deprivation, poverty, misguided aggression, aimlessness of life are some of the reasons which give rise to crime. While surveying for the most dangerous cities, particular emphasis was given to violent crimes. Out of surveys made in 354 cities around the United States, these were the cities that turned out to have the notoriety of being America's most dangerous. These 10 dangerous cities rank high on all kinds of violent crimes.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #1: Camden, New Jersey

    Earning the crown of being the most dangerous city in America is Camden situated in the state of New Jersey. It is located right across the Delaware river from Philadelphia. In 2009, Camden recorded the highest crime rate in the country, which was 2,333 violent crimes per 100,000 people, when the national average crime rate was 455 violent crimes per 100,000. The economical condition has not been good as 20% of the population is below poverty line. It ranked high on all the six categories of murder, rape, robbery, burglary, assault and auto theft.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #2: St. Louis, Missouri

    The city of St.Louis, the largest urban area in Missouri, has earned the title of being the second most dangerous city in United States due to the rampant crime cases it recorded in 2009. It ranks very high on all crime categories.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #3: Oakland, California

    The eight largest city in California, Oakland has earned the third rank as its has been struggling with high unemployment and increasing rate of violent crimes in 2009.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #4: Detroit, Michigan

    The world's automotive hub, Detroit is also one of the most crime ridden cities in America. Although the crime rate in terms of violent crimes has dropped in recent years, it still remains one of the most dangerous cities in America.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #5: Flint, Michigan

    The seventh largest city in Michigan, with a population of 112,900 in 2008, is the fifth dangerous city in America. Although there has been a significant drop in sexual assault, larceny and homicide cases, there still remains one of the most unsafe cities in the country.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #6: New Orleans, Louisiana

    New Orleans, situated in southeastern Louisiana, is the sixth worst city when it comes to crimes in USA, as of 2009. The city recorded the highest rate of homicide in 2002 and 2003. The low income neighborhoods in New Orleans are particularly notorious for their high crime rate.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #7: Birmingham, Alabama

    The largest city in the state of Alabama, Birmingham records seventh on the list, due to the high homicide rate in this city over the years. It has seventh highest rank in homicide.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #8: Cleveland, Ohio

    Cleveland in Ohio has stayed in the listing of most dangerous cities in US for a while now. It ranks high on rape, robbery and and burglary cases.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #9: Jackson, Mississippi

    The city of Jackson, Mississippi is the ninth most dangerous city in America. It ranks high in burglary cases, homicide, rape and auto theft cases.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #10: Memphis, Tennessee

    The city of Memphis ranks tenth in the listing of the most dangerous cities in America. It ranks high on burglary, assault

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    4 years ago

    D. C. is not one of the most dangerous cities in the world. That's just silly. We have diplomats and dignitaries from all over the world visiting us on a daily basis. We do have very dangerous neighborhoods, places that nobody wants to visit, especially after dark. But, like so much more in this life, a few individuals without morals, dignity or even the basic brains it takes to come in out of the rain, make life very hard for law abiding citizens. So, I guess the answer is....we're no worse than any other city in the USA. Just a whole lot more visible.

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