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I need help finding the title of this movie?

it was about this guy who starts reading a book only to find that it was him and that everything the book said happened to him and at the end he finds the author and tries to force him to change the ending but the author refuses ands the guy shoots himself

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    Night Visions (TV anthology series)

    "Hate Puppet"

    starring Chad Lowe

    Plot summary:, William Atherton

    Andy Harris is walking along when he bumps into a man and spills his coffee all over him. The man lets out a huge yell of rage and then says a weird saying in a different language to Andy then walks away. Andy is then seen in a coffee shop with his brother, Greg, telling him what happened. He asks a waitress for a coffee, but she starts yelling at him and walks away. All of a sudden, Greg starts yelling at Andy too for no reason and storms off. During a meeting with his co-workers, Andy has a talk with his boss, who out of nowhere shouts at Andy and then tells him that he is fired. While walking home, Andy walks by a bunch of road workers. All of a sudden, one of them hits Andy in the head with a shovel. When he falls to the ground, Andy sees another worker about to jab him with a pick axe, but he moves out of the way just in time. Two workers then hold him down as one of them moves an electric saw towards him. Luckily, Andy is able to unplug the saw with his foot and he escapes.

    Andy goes to a cop and tells him what happened. The cop tells him that what he just said sounded just like what he read about in this new horror novel that came out. Andy goes into the nearest bookstore and sees a big display for a novel called "Hate Puppet." In the display is a video that shows the author, William Prince, reading some of his book. He reads one page about his main character bumping into an angry man, just like what happened to Andy. Prince then says that the saying that the man said was a curse that would cause anyone the person the man talked to to hate him. Andy buys a copy of the book and sees that some of the lines are about what just happened to him. ...

    ++++Andy then heads to William Prince's house, who is busy writing another book, and he points the gun at him and orders him to change the ending to "Hate Puppet," to the main character finding out that it was all a dream. Prince tells him that he can't change the ending since the book is already published. Andy then realizes that there is no way out, so he points the gun to his chin and pulls the trigger.++++

    Here's Part 1 on YouTube:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Chiller Channel runs mini-marathons of the series quite often. I've seen each episode many times.

    Source(s): I pasted much of the summary so that you could rule out the episode or decide it's the one. You'll see that the protagonist DOES shoot himself, at which point it shifts to the author.
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    This is for sure NOT stranger than fiction, he does not shoot himself at the end nor was he ever reading the book. I don't know what this movie is but it sounds interesting, I'll keep tabs on this Q so I can find out as well.

    Source(s): Stranger than fiction was not a dark film, therefor could not possibly be this.
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    Stranger Then Fiction

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    I was thinking "Stranger than Fiction" until the end description. Maybe "In the Mouth of Madness"?

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    I believe the title of the film you are mentioning is: Stranger Than Fiction!



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    stanger than ficition

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