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Which are nations of Southeast Asia?

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

Taiwan, China, East Timor

Malaysia, Indonesia, China

Myanmar, Laos, Taiwan

11.Which is a correct match? (Points : 3)

Poland: workers labored long hours in coal mines and shipyards and were extremely well-paid.

Moscow: long lines of people waited to buy food and clutched government coupons to buy clothes.

East Germany: people lived in comfortable homes, shopped in busy stores, and drove the latest automobiles.

Romania: the communist government exercised tight controls on the personal freedoms of individuals but provided spacious homes and apartments.

15. What are the two largest climate zones in Latin America?

humid subtropical and humid continental

tropical wet and tropical dry

marine west coast and Mediterranean

dry desert and semiarid stepp

Seriously I need help! I have no idea about just these questions! PLEASE help! I can't afford to fail! My parents get pretty angry at me...

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    Which are nations of Southeast Asia?

    Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.

    I answered the others on your other question

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