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analysis of jib crane?

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    Hello Ekwem and welcome to Yahoo Answers.

    There is a lot of details missing from your question.

    We need more details in order to give you an answer.

    As this is your first question asked, you can add additional details to

    any question by bringing your question up.

    Look at the Action Bar under your question.

    There is a pencil Icon there.

    Hover your cursor over it.

    A drop down box will appear.

    Click on the Add Additional Details Tab.

    You can not change any wording on the original question, You can only add details.

    You can add additional details multiple times.

    I will check back later to see if I can help you better.

    For now I can give you this Google search for:

    Analysis of jib crane

    From there to here:

    Mechanical Engineering: mechanics - force analysis on jib of crane ...Oct 4, 2004 ... force vectors, going in the right direction, mounting brackets: This is a simple statics problem. The answer lies in the construction of a ...

    "This is a simple statics problem. The answer lies in the construction of a diagram of the object (Jib Crane) and all the directional force Vectors acting on it. The load, The structural mounting brackets, the Cables, whatever is in your diagram that has a force acting on it. Then, an equation is constructed using the laws of statics. Each of the forces acting on your diagram must sum to be zero since this object is static. To do this, we must sum all of the fractions of the forces acting in the X direction to be zero as well as all the fractions of the forces acting in the Y direction to be Zero, and also in the Z direction if this is a 3-D problem. The solution to these 2 or 3 equations will provide your answer."

    I would suggest that you delete this question and submit a new question with enough details for someone to give you an answer.

    This is not a question I can give you much help on.

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