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Which is that unique technique in shaolin kung fu?

Yday i saw the movie,The 36th chamber of shaolin, where the hero enters the shaolin temple to learn kung fu.he straightaway enters the highest chamber and asks the highest monk to teach him kung fu.The monk gets angry and attacks him in some unique weird manner in which he doesnt even touch the hero but the hero falls down.which is that technique?

check this youtube video at 00.13.what is dat technique??


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    "36th Chamber of Shaolin" is my favorite Chinese martial arts movie. I read about it being filmed in "Hong Kong Movie News" and "Southern Screen" Chinese magazines while it was in production, and I was eager to see it. I did see its debut at Tai Tin Sing (Great Star) Theater a few doors away from my residence in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1979. What you mention is a milder use of "Hung Shou Dzung" that is said to be able to kill people without touching them. It can cause death immediately or up to two years later, according to my Sifus in this technique. It can be used against someone in another room if the user can aim well. The basic idea is that there is a sort of Vital Energy, Energy Flow, Air, Breath, etc. that can be controlled well by masters of the proper techniques. It is called Qi in the modern Pinyin Romanization of Chinese symbols, Ch'i or Chi in the older Wade-Gilles system for Chinese words, Ki in Japanese, Gi or Ki in Korean, Chi in Thai, Khi in Vietnamese, etc., ... ... but "Is It Real?"

    Massimo Polidoro and Luigi Garlaschelli of the University of Pavia in Italy were invited to partcipate in a TV show on National Geographic's "Is It Real" series by being given Qi blows by Leon Jay, an associate of George Dillman, at a gym in Milano, Italia (Milan, Italy). As all reasonable people could predict, Mr. Jay couldn't affect Signor Garlaschelli at all with his Qi projection strikes. One of Mr. Jay's students was also placed behind a dark sheet while Mr. Jay again tried his Qi punch, and again he failed to knock down anyone. George Dillman was interviewed by National Geographic after this and made silly excuses, e.g. saying the position of the victim's tongue and toes can stop him from being affected by the Qi punch. How asinine can anyone be? No objective medical research on accupuncture has shown that it actually works, and it is based upon Qi. That shows any logical person that there is no good reason to believe in Qi, so there is nothing that the monk could actually use to knock down Liu Chia-Hui (a.k.a. Gordon Liu) in the movie.

    EDIT- Who is this Sensei Scandal who makes the quite ridiculous claim that Qi is "beyond science"? Science and scientific method lend themselves to any quest to discover the truth, and they are our best means of doing just that. To just try to dismiss science totally with a trite cliche phrase is beyond illogical. Anything is permitted when someone wildly claims there are areas "beyond science". Believers in all sorts of nonsense mindlessly utter this cliche, as if it supports the existence of such obvious nonsense as Qi, gods, ghosts, paranormal, Bogfoot, Atlantis, and myriad other such hoary hoaxes.

    EDIT II- Shienara makes a good observation. George Dillman's students have been conditioned to fall down upon command, but our Italian skeptic resists such conditioning that is based somewhat upon Mesmerism, but I do question his sequence of events in the movie. Liu Chia-Hui was new at the Shaolin temple, so he hadn't had time to be "mesmerized" yet.

    Source(s): 60 years of study and practice of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Tibetian martial arts have never shown me Qi,Ch'i,Chi, Ki, Gi, Khi exists.
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    MMA has plenty that Kung Fu doesn't and vice versa. They're completely different. Anybody that tries to act like one contains all of the other is an idiot plain and simple. If any style contained everything then that's all anybody would be doing. Part of the beauty of the martial arts is that they all have their own specialties and flavors. Kung Fu is a cultural experience full of history and beautiful movements, MMA is a no frills fighting method. Pick your preference and don't listen to anybody that makes ridiculous claims about Traditional styles having everything and being 100% complete. I spent 6 years training in Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu styles as well as 3 in Wing Chun and not once did I ever learn REAL ground fighting.

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    I am an instructor of Shorin the Japanese version of Chinese Shaolin. I call this technique to which you refer "Ki Uke", and it has never been demonstrated to be true in my many years of teaching martial arts. Shorin-Shaolin teachers can be tough with their students, so the movie is right about a brash beginner being disciplined from the beginning of his stay at the Shaolin temple. I see that my former student Garrett has returned to this forum after a prolonged illness. I sent him e-mails wishing him well. He studied many styles before I met him and many more after he took lessons from me. He is a huge and immensely strong and tough man, so he would be a great fighter without studying martial arts. It is gratifying when I see my students give good answers here on Yahoo Answers as he does. It is sad to see so many people in the Martial arts category who mindlessly believe in absurd "kuso", e.g. that Ki exists, that Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist who ever lived, etc. All we can do is to try to correct them for their wrong beliefs. What can anyone say about someone saying, "Qi is beyond science"? That is Sad!

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    It is supposedly using "Chi" to knock someone about. Several people have explained Chi, so I suppose I do not need to repeat it. It is nice fiction to be able to hit someone from a distance without even coming near him...but it is only fiction. Chi is only primitive superstition from my country China. I believed such "gao pei" when I was a child, but I have learned better now. Bizhen is a RN, and she reads much scientific and medical literature. There have been many tests of accupuncture that is based upon Chi, and it has never been observed to be real. I see Sensei Scandal says it is beyond science. What a laugh that is. He once argued with Bi-Chen and me about the meaning of Wu Shu and had the titanic nerve to try to tell me he knew more Chinese language than I do. That time, he said that China has no term for Martial Arts. In a few days, in another answer, he said Wu Shu DOES mean Martial Arts. What duplicity! Bizhen challenged him to explain Shu after she explained Kung, Fu and Wu, but he ignored it. He is badly misleading some people in this category with such "ngao si" as this answer saying Chi is beyond science and earlier that Wu Shu does not mean Martial Arts. Several people in a Yahoo Group about martial arts owned by Kyojin the Giant have said they have had severe problems with this Sensei Scandal. Other people have told some of us that they had problems with him too. I tell him that Chi is just primitive superstition and Wu Shu is the Mandarin term for Martial Arts. It is Mou Seut in my Cantonese dialect.

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    Several people already say monk use projected Ki (Japanese word of it) at Liu-san at movie. I may call such technique imaginary "Osu no Kuso" ("whale crap" is lowest nonsense). Is much medical research show no proof Ki exist. Only believers claim it exist, they want believe of it, cannot trust their words. Science and Logic best methods of find truth, if Science not find Ki, is no valid reason believe it exist. Is dificult believe anyone think monk can knock man down without touch him. That is obvious fiction. Hamada Shihan and Garrett Sensei teach my lover Kyojin when he is boy. He is always grateful behalf of their great help and wise lessons. Kyojin's father and uncles teach him Karate since he can first walk, age 11 he go Soto Zen temple study Shorin (Japanese Shaolin) martial arts, Hamada Shihan is instructor, Garrett Sensei assist Hamada Shihan, help young Kyojin much. Hamada Shihan, Garrett Sensei and Kyojin all study martial arts long time, they never see any proof Ki exist, thus episode at movie is only fiction. Only gullible people believe of Ki, Kami (God), ghosts, spirits, etc. are contrary of Science and Logic.

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    That was projecting Qi or Chi (Ki in Japan) at someone. It is just fiction, as are most things in movies. Scientists have never found any proof that Qi-Chi really exists. There is nothing anyone can project to knock someone down without touching him. George Dillman claims to be able to do it, but he has been proved to be a fraud. "Choas theory" is soliciting to teach you techniques that do not excist, so he may be a swindler. I reported him.

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    Actually it's more of a psychological thing than a martial arts technique. You know how you intimidate a person so well that when you suddenly say "Boo!" he jumps back and falls on his butt? Well it's kinda like that, the monk's aura was so intimidating it conditioned the young hero's mind to jump at the slightest sound. Of course since this is a movie, they tend to exaggerate and make it look like the monk had magical powers.

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    He probably trained with Darth Vader to learn that or maybe someone from Imaginationland

    Source(s): Reality
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    It is called Lin Kong Jing - Empty Force.

    It is not scientifically measurable because Qi is something beyond science.

    In the movie it is exaggerated vastly.

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