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Hello, I want to recover my priceless photos & videos from my corrupted mmc, and I'm using a nokia N70? ?

Plzzzzzzzz..... Somebody help me.....! To my knowledge formatting could make the mmc to work, but what'll happen to the data....?! It's gone... But, I believe that, somebody's out there with the correct solution for me...

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    People often feel panic when I see this. If I format the drive, will I lose all my data? If not, how could I get access to my files?

    My take is that you may have to format the card and then use recovery software to recover your files.

    Here's some information about file recovery, think you need to take a look, very useful

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    I've had the same problem before, i had to format it then i used power data reovery software , it couldn't get all the deleted pics, but got about 30% of them, it depends on how big is your memory.

    you can try different image recovery softwares on the internet, but i got no idea about their performance.

    one more thing to consider just in case your photos were encrypted [ windows encrytion ] it wont be recovered via normal recovery softwares.

    your last resort is to send it to some recovery specialists which got their fancy tools to do the job, you can find them online.

    ....good luck


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    No man, no way it's gone. N70 has such problem. Corrupted card should be formatted, but I dont think your MMC will be recovered, it sows" memory card corrupted, format?" , when you give 'yes' it inly shows formatting.. Dont format completely.

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