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six degrees of separation: who are related? who are not?

I know a lot of players are related like Vince Carter-Tracy McGrady, Joey and Stephen Graham, Jason and Jarron Collins, Kevin Garnett-Shammond Williams, David Wesley-Michael Dickerson, Stephon Marbury-Sebastian Telfair, Kobe Bryant-Jellybean Bryant, Ricky-Brent-Jon Barry, Dominique-Damien Wilkins, Chuck-Wesley Person, etc. Can you tell me who are related?

1. Al Thornton, Marcus Thornton (came to the league around the same time)

2. Caron Butler, Rasual Butler (both came into the league the same year and both drafted by the Heat)

3. Chris Quinn, Brady Quinn (both went to Notre Dame, from the same town and even went to high school together)

4. Bob Boozer, Carlos Boozer

4. Gordon Hayward, Lazar Hayward

4. Ryan Bowen, Bruce Bowen (similar style of play, same era)

5. Tim Hardaway, Penny Hardaway

6. Rod Strickland, Erick Strickland, Mark Strickland

6. Nick Collison, Darren Collison

7. Steve Nash, Rick Nash

8. Kenyon Martin, Kevin Martin

8. Jalen Rose, Derrick Rose, Malik Rose

9. Eddy Curry, Stephen Curry, Dell Curry, Michael Curry JamesOn Curry

9. LaPhonso Ellis, Dale Ellis, Monta Ellis

10. Adrian Griffin, Eddie Griffin R.I.P. (both went to Seton Hall)

11. Tony Parker, Anthony Parker, Smush Parker

12. Jared Jeffries, Chris Jeffries

13. Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Malik Allen

14. Ricky Pierce, Paul Pierce, Pierre Pierce (former college basketball star in Iowa)

15. Chris Andersen, David Andersen

16. Greg Anthony, Carmelo Anthony

17. Charles Barkley, Erick Barkley

18. Corie Blount, Mark Blount

18. Jerome Beasley, Michael Beasley

19. Charlie Bell, Troy Bell, Raja Bell

20. Shawn Bradley, Michael Bradley

21. Ronnie Brewer, Corey Brewer (similar style of play)

22. Andrew Bynum, Will Bynum

23. Lionel Chalmers, Mario Chalmers

24. Tyson Chandler, Wilson Chandler

25. Randolph Childress, Josh Childress

26. Keon Clark, Earl Clark

27. Brian Cook, Daequan Cook, Omar Cook

28. Terry Cummings, Voteego Cummings

29. DeMarcus Cousin, Marcus Cousin

30. Antonio Daniels, Marquis Daniels

31. Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, John Wallace, Gerald Wallace

32. Dale Davis, Antonio Davis (similar style of play, teammates)

33. Kendall Gill, Eddie Gill

34. Chris Dudley, Jared Dudley

35. Reggie Evans, Tyreke Evans

36. Patrick Ewing, Daniel Ewing

37. Greg Foster, Jeff Foster

38. Steve Francis, Torin Francis (former Notre Dame star)

39. Reece Gaines, Sudiata Gaines

40. Jason Gardner, Thomas Gardner

41. Devean George, Paul George

42. Daniel Gibson-Taj Gibson

43. Ben Gordon, Eric Gordon

44. Horace Grant, Brian Grant

45. AC Green, Gerald Green, Jeff Green, Willie Green

46. Richard Hamilton, Zendon Hamilton

47. Anthony Mason, Desmond Mason, Roger Mason

48. Ron Harper, Derek Harper

49. Othella Harrington, Al Harrington

50. Lucious Harris, Devin Harris

51. Hersey Hawkins, Juaquin Hawkins

52. Spencer Haywood, Brendan Haywood

53. Grant Hill, George Hill, Tyrone Hill, Jordan Hill

54. Juwan Howard, Josh Howard

55. Troy Hudson, Lester Hudson

56. Lindsey Hunter, Steven Hunter, Brandon Hunter

57. Jerome James, LeBron James, Mike James

58. Richard Jefferson, Al Jefferson

59. Michael Jordan, DeAndre Jordan

60. Shawn Kemp, Marcellus Kemp (former college star for Nevada)

61. Brevin Knight, Travis Knight

62. Carl Landry, Marcus Landry

63. David Lee, Courtney Lee

64. Reggie Lewis, Rashard Lewis, Quincy Lewis

65. Randy Livingston, Shaun Livingston

66. Moses Malone, Karl Malone

67. Donyell Marshall, Donny Marshall

68. Darius Miles, C.J. Miles

69. Brad Miller, Mike Miller

70. Chris Morris, Terrence Morris, Randolph Morris

71. Tracy Murray, Lamond Murray, Ronald "Flip" Murray

72. Jameer Nelson, DeMarcus Nelson

73. David West, Delonte West

74. Bo Outlaw, Travis Outlaw

75. Ruben Patterson, Patrick Patterson

76. Sam Perkins, Kendrick Perkins

77. Roger Powell, Josh Powell, Kasib Powell

78. Brent Price, Mark Price, A.J. Price, Ronnie Price

79. Zach Randolph, Anthony Randolph, Shavlik Randolph

80. Glen Rice, Tyrese Rice (former college star at Boston College)

81. Michael Ray Richardson, Quentin Richardson, Jason Richardson, Jeremy Richardson

82. Clifford Robinson, David Robinson

83. Rodney Rogers, Carlos Rogers

84. Bill Russell, Bryon Russell

85. Byron Scott, Dennis Scott

86. Tupac Shakur, Mustafa Shakur

87. Bobby Simmons, Cedric Simmons

88. BJ Armstrong, Darrell Armstrong, Hilton Armstrong

89. Joe Smith, Josh Smith, J.R. Smith

90. Stromile Swift, Robert Swift

91. Kurt Thomas, Kenny Thomas, Etan Thomas, Tim Thomas, Tyrus Thomas

92. David Thompson, Dijon Thompson, Jason Thompson

93. Antoine Walker, Samaki Walker, Bill Walker

94. Earl Watson, CJ Watson

95. Jahidi White, DJ White

96. Loren Woods, Qyntel Woods

97. Lorenzen Wright (r.i.p.), Antoine Wright, Brandan Wright, Dorrell Wright, Julian Wright, Bracey Wright

98. Nick Young, Thaddeus Young, Sam Young

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    sure, ill get right on all of that....

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    Absolutely, it's been proven in experiments where they took a group of people and told them that they had to figure out some way to get to some celebrity contacting only people who were known to them or their friends. Every single person accomplished their goal in six degrees or less. Maybe it's not a total global link but I think that it may be. No one's tried that to the best of my knowlege.

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    Hey I'm here for the first time. I found this question and I find the answers really helpful. I'm hoping to offer something back and assist others too.

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