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Utah State or University of Idaho?

Should I choose Utah State or University of Idaho? U of I is 8hrs away, but I get in-state tuition. Utah State is only 2hrs away, but I'll have to pay out-of-state tuition. They both have great programs for what I want. I just need some help deciding. So if any alumni or current students have any advice I'd deffinately appreciate it! (:

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    I am a current student at UI and I adore it. Love it love it love it. AND, I think that you should go to a school a little bit farther away than two hours.

    UI Vandal Pride is fantastic, the students know how to fun but also know how to get down to work. We have awesome sports events to go to in the main sports (football, basketball) but we also have fun sporting events to go to like going to the Swim Meets or the Horse Polo matches! Moscow is probably the best town I have ever been to and I am so so so blessed to be living here. North Idaho is beautiful, too. If you have any specific questions about UI, personal message me and I would be glad to dote on my school. :D


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