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Avenged Sevenfold: Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. I want some opinions on his death?

I know people are going to say "GET OVER IT", and i am over it, but it still saddens me. Everyone claims it was accidental and of natural causes, but I recently saw a post on Tumblr giving reasons as to why they think it may have been suicide, but a7x and jimmy's family is keeping it private? I am a major Avenged fan, so people please do not say this its disrespectful even thinking that Jimmy may have committed suicide. I just want some thoughts. In his last months, he was gaining alot of weight, and it looked like he wasn't taking good care of himself. But then again he had sooo much to live for and so much to leave behind. I just want some opinions. Here is the link to the picture that I saw that made some points:

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    he was my cousin. i miss him every day and cry every time i hear Fiction. he didnt kill himself either. i hate it when people think that. he accidently overdosed. not his fault cuz he didnt mean for it to happen. jimmy would be proud of you for still caring still. i met him and the rest of the band too before. i can guarentee you right now, they would be the nicest, most caring people you ever knew. especially jimmy. watch this vid to see what im talking about:

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    watch the whole video too. RIP Jimmy foREVer!!!!<3

    Source(s): and victim was written by shadows after jimmy died. only song jimmy wrote was fiction
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    The Rev's death is unquestionably the biggest loss of at least the century. I, as well of a lot of people would gladly get rid of Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers and Lady Gaga to get him back. Jimmy Sullivan, you will be missed and never forgotten.

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    He replaced into very proficient, specific, he picked up the drumming concepts of Metallica at age 12. The singer M Shadows even suggested that no longer as quickly as provided that they were a band had he heard The Rev f*ck up playing the drums in stay overall performance. i think of he replaced into some thing specific, yet i do no longer think of i might say suitable one hundred. i admire the band and The Rev replaced into wonderful yet people purely blew his drumming skills way out of share provided that his dying. RIP

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